The Ghosts Of The Haunted Mizpah Hotel In 14 Pictures

Nevada’s known for its abandoned ghosts towns and haunted hotels. So in order to experience it first hand, we stayed at one of the most historic on the map, the Mizpah Hotel.


When Tonopah’s Mizpah Hotel re-opened after 12 years of closing, the staff quickly noticed that some of the old guests never checked out. The hotel was originally opened in 1907 to accomodate the silver miners who worked in the town.

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After a 2 million dollar renovation, the hotel re-opened in 2011, and paranormal investigators jumped at the opportunity to check out some of its rumored hauntings.

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Over dinner, the hotel’s general manager shared stories of some of the hotel’s most famous ghosts.

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4. The ghost children of the fourth floor

Guests have reported sightings of children - one girl and one boy - running through the halls and laughing on the fourth floor.

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A clairvoyant who visited the hotel in 2011 told the hotel’s manager that the children didn’t know each other, and did not perish at the hotel.

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According to the hotel’s staff, the two tots who were previous guests of the hotel enjoyed their time there so much that they decided to make it their permanent home. The two have never left, and in the after life, have been known to play tricks on the guests.

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7. The Lady In Red

Famous enough to have her own wine, the lady in red is the most sighted ghost haunting the hotel.

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It is said that the Lady in Red was murdered in room 512, where ghost enthusiasts most often stay.

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Conflicting stories exist about how the Lady in Red met her end. The spookiest of which surrounds the way she earned her name.

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She is mostly reported to ride the elevator, especially with men who are alone in the elevator.

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Some guests have also reported hearing her whisper softly in their ear, saying “hey you.”

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13. The ghost miners in the basement

Two miners are reported to haunt the basement of the Mizpah hotel, which was unfortunately off limits during our visit.

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Despite some rattling sounds and spooky tapping, we didn’t personally meet any ghosts on our visit. Maybe next time!

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