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5 Geeky Things to Do With a Pringles Can

If you’re looking for something to do with that round cardboard tube after you’ve just inhaled your entire can of Pringles, then keep reading this post. via walyou

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  • 1. Cantenna


    This seems to be the classic option for cool Pringles can mods. Apparently, Pringles cans are too thin to serve as a good antenna. But that doesn’t stop people from trying. With just a few cheap parts, you can build a directional antenna. Just be careful if you do. You don’t want the FCC or any other agencies on your case. It seems that just about anything can be used to pick up Wi-Fi, including T-shirts.

  • 2. Pinhole Camera

    Pinhole Camera

    A safer option than building a cantenna (which as mentioned above, doesn’t really work that well with Pringles cans) is to make a pinhole camera. There are several places listing instructions using Pringles cans. Your photos won’t reproduce anything near the quality of the latest multi-megapixel cameras, or even a basic VGA camera phone, but it’s still neat to make a camera out of something that would otherwise become garbage.

  • 3. Play Miniature Golf

    Play Miniature Golf

    If you’ve got some free time over the weekend or you’re stuck inside in a rainy day, if you follow these instructions you can build your own miniature golf hole out of a Pringles can.

  • 4. Pringles Macro Lens Light

    Pringles Macro Lens Light

    Macro lenses also need a lot of light if the images are to show up correctly. Naturally, you can also save a lot of money using a Pringles can yet again to whip up your own.

  • 5. Be Buried in a Pringles Can

    Be Buried in a Pringles Can

    Sadly, geeks too are mortal. Since this post revolves around using Pringles cans to save money and funerals are expensive, those round cans come in handy. When Proctor & Gamble food scientist Dr. Frederic Baur, whose long career included designing the famous packaging for the brand, died in 2008 at the age of 89, his family honored his request to have part of his ashes buried in his creation.