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Which "Bridgerton" Sibling Are You Based On The Vacation You Plan?

So many options, so many siblings!

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Congratulations, you're going on vacation. Where to?
You get to the hotel. What does your room look like?
You wake up and you're hungry. What's for breakfast?
It's raining, so you can't go see anything. What do you do at the hotel?
Quick break! Favorite color?
One more random question! What aesthetic are you drawn to?
Back to your vacation! You want to get dressed for lunch. What do you wear?
What's for lunch?
It's stopped raining and you go out. You run into a friend. What do you guys do?
You and your friend are very tired, so you guys head to dinner. Which restaurant is your vibe?
You say goodbye and head to your room. What do you do?
You head back home. Your favorite sibling greets you. Who is that sibling?
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