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    9 More Reasons Nerris Should Take Your Graduation Photos

    In case you forgot the first ten reasons, here are another 9 reasons Nerris should take your graduation photos.

    1. Still Wearing Bow Ties

    Bow Tie Man will still dress up with you to make you feel comfortable!

    2. Even More Killer Gear

    Nerris's premium equipment package consists of a 5D Mark III, Zeiss & Canon L Lenses, the 580 EX II Flash, and more. All of this gear will guarantee you top notch results.

    3. UCLA Film School + Disney Experience


    Amazing gear is worthless without someone knowing how to use it.

    Nerris literally has a degree in cameras from one of the world's best film programs, and has been a photographer for Walt Disney Imagineering for 6 months now.

    Plus, he's done hundreds of graduation photo shoots at this point.

    If all of this doesn't say experience, I don't know what does.

    4. You'll Look and Feel Like a Goddamn Celebrity


    Nerris specializes in making people look fantastic and feel comfortable. You'll have a fun time on set and leave feeling like you just won the Powerball.

    5. You'll Get Tons of Photos


    You'll get hundreds of photos per shoot, and you get to keep them all!

    6. He's not afraid to get a little artsy with black and white

    7. #CustomFilters

    He designs his own filters


    8. Picking Nerris means supporting women's education


    A portion of all money raised will be donated to the IRC's Women Empowerment and Protection Program, with the goal of providing a year of schooling to 5 girls living in third world countries.

    9. You Can Bring the #Bae

    Or the #squad

    Nerris Bueller

    Or your sorority sisters

    Or USAC

    Or even the entire School of Nursing

    So jump away the graduation willies

    Nerris Nassiri

    and jump into [Shapiro] fountain

    Just throw on some shades

    Dress fly AF

    Whip out the books

    Conquer Janss steps

    But most importantly, smile big

    and let Nerris help you show the real world whose the boss

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