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    10 Reasons Nerris Nassiri Should Take Your Graduation Photos

    With graduation right around the corner, you're probably feeling a bit overwhelmed with things: parents, jobs, grad schools, but most of all, your graduation photos. This list will give you all the reasons Nerris should be your graduation photographer.

    1. He'll dress up with you

    Nerris is known by many as "The Bow Tie Man" for the simple reason that he wears bow ties a lot. You dress up to get your pictures taken? He'll dress up to take pictures of you. Doesn't that make you feel a lot more comfortable?

    2. He designs his own filters

    Instagram? That's cute. Nerris takes the term "hipster" to the next level- he has his own library of filters he designed himself, and he'll make one just for you.

    3. Film School Education

    He's taken production classes in directing, cinematography, editing, and lighting, so he knows how to frame a shot well and make you look like a movie star.

    4. Killer Lens Collection

    From ultra-wide angle to cinema lenses, the possibilities of shots are endless. You'll get landscape shots like never before and close-up shots that Chivo Lubezki* would be jealous of.

    *Okay, Chivo probably would not be jealous of them, but still.

    5. You're guaranteed to have a fun time

    6. He loves closeups

    You're basically guaranteed to look like a Vogue model

    7. Yes, you can bring your dog

    8. He's cheap, good, and fast

    Now now, get your mind out of the gutter.

    He only charges for his time, and you get to keep every photo taken during your session! He frames and lights quickly so you'll get a lot of shots.

    9. So forget those graduation heebie-jeebies

    Just bring some champagne

    ...and your boys, too.

    and let Nerris help you show the real world who's boss

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