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11 Things Women's College Graduates Are Tired Of Hearing

"What was it like going to a girl's school?"

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4. "Where do you meet boys?"


Parties, local events, through friends, some classes, in the dining hall, in the city, at off-campus events. Pretty much anywhere you would meet boys. (FYI, there are typically people who identify as men or genderqueer at women's colleges.)

10. "....really?"

The better question might be, "Ballpark, what percentage of you have engaged in lesbian activities, such as making out, having sex, falling in love, pretending you're not in love, crying on your best friend's floor at 2 in the morning [in the off chance the person you're crying over is not your best friend] and fighting for the will to live because fucking women, man."

11. "So, what, is it, like, a 'feminist' school?"



But, if by "feminist" you mean a place where women are encouraged and expected to reach their fullest educational potential and treated as valued humans who can and should contribute meaningfully to society beyond the proportions of their body or their ability to reproduce, then......yes.

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