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3 Amazing Dogs

Tuxedo Mia Guizmo skateboarding down the steps

neotuxedo 3 years ago

Boston Terrier

2 Amazing Boston Terriers Skate In Skatepark

neotuxedo 5 years ago

Skateboarding Dogs At Paris

Two Boston Terrier Tuxedo and Mia riding scooter & skateboarding at Eiffel Tower, Champs de Mars Paris

neotuxedo 5 years ago

Dog Tricks

Play Dead Hands Up Bang !

neotuxedo 6 years ago

Amazing Dog

Tuxedo skating in the middle of the event "Tournoi Inter Polytech in Montpellier" France

neotuxedo 6 years ago

Dogs Tricks

Tricks of Nature's obstacle : it is fun to do on walks to encourage the dogs to use up their energy through physical exertion, balance and coordination

neotuxedo 7 years ago


SKateboarding Dog is dead

neotuxedo 7 years ago