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5 Videos That Prove Cincinnati's Art Scene Is Killer

Check these amazing process videos featuring artists from around the world. VHILS, London Police, Neltner Small Batch, and more...

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1. Alexandre “VHILS”

The BLDG brought the talented VHILS to Cincinnati for a week long artist in residence and this is what he left behind. Truly beautiful.

2. Neltner Small Batch "Halfcut"

OTR is a hotbed in Cincinnati of urbanites, breweries and hipsters. Neltner Small Batch recently crowned their opening with this fantastic illustration and mural install.

3. Matt W. Moore "XYZ Axis"

Beautifully simple shapes create an amazing install in OTR.

4. John A. Ruthven "Martha, the Last Passenger Pigeon"

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A tribute to Charlie Harper resulted in this striking and massive install in Cincinnati's downtown district.

5. Robin McKerrell "Rhinegeist Brewery"

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Rhinegeist has quickly become a staple in the new wave of breweries in Cincinnati, this eclectic mural pays tribute to hops, tigers, and bass...

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