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    Posted on May 17, 2014

    The Nearsighted Owl: Fat Advocate

    She has worked so hard to be who she wants to be and people are trying to take that away.

    I am not a writer or a blogger or anything of that nature, What I am is a fat girl. I love my fat, I love every single roll and stretch mark on my bulbous body. Another women who loves her rolls is Rachele, a blogger who goes by the title The Nearsighted Owl. She is magical, empowering, encouraging, positive, hilarious, brave, beautiful and she is being beaten down.

    It all started when a diet company stole a picture of hers, She calls it her fatikini and I love her for it. They stole it and decided to make it a before picture for somebody else. She contacted them asked them to take it down, she tried so hard to have them remove something that back tracks everything she believes and what she has worked for. She is someone who wants to encourage people to be what makes you happy, instead she was being forced to represent something that creates insecurities. Soon they told her they would sue her for tarnishing their good name, or "bashing" them and "attacking" them. It was so heart wrenching to see this happening to her, and to see her still holding strong and laughing at what was happening was amazing.

    But, soon came more hate, Rachele posted this wonderful picture online . Her naked, holding a picture in front of her as if she was tearing her own chest open and it reads "There is not a thin person trapped inside me." To be able, in this day and age as a fat woman, to pose naked like stunned me. Being someone who is large (mind you I love my body) the only person I ever dreamed of seeing me naked was my fiance, for fear of what others would say I dare not even put on a bathing suit. But, here she was in all her beauty telling people "this is me, fucking deal with it" in her sly smile, I was so excited and over joyed. Finally some one is getting out there and saying what needs to be said, standing up for all the fat girls who like being fat! But then this photo came:

    But, she still held strong, instead she told people "I like sea cows and I think it's cute!" she thanked them for the name "Delusional Sea Cow" and took it in such stride, it was inspiring. Then more pictures came, and she just said "I think I look cute! I love the pictures" and even shared them on her Facebook page. She would not/will not let these people take her down in the smallest bit. Even when a hateful Facebook page was made against her (The farsighted Whale) she still held strong and was beautiful.

    But, today I tried to go to her Facebook page...and I can't. I try to go to her blog and I am greeted by a page that says "Permission denied" that only "invited readers can enter the site" and it was so saddening. To think that people can be so hateful to come and try to destroyed and ruin what this wonderful person has built. TO come along to a happy, wonderful person and decide "Fuck them, I don't like that persons happiness" and try to tear her apart because they don't a approve of her happiness.

    That is the world that we live in today, everyone tries to tell each other "Be you! That is the best you can be!" "Just being yourself is the only way to be happy" "Doing and Being what you love is most important" but how on earth can we possibly do any of that if our fellow human will not allow it? How can we stand up and say "I am me and I fucking love me!" if we have the nay sayer behind us whispering into our ego "Well do you think you could be a different you? A you I find better and more appealing?" That, to me, is the most cruel thing a human could do to another human, telling them that who they are is not good enough and could be better. The saddest part is that this is what happens every day, when a girl or woman is standing in line at the grocery store, walking around a mall, watching TV, or just simply looking around online. Our ego is being stripped away from us at every corner and, try as we might, it seems impossible to escape.

    She is beautiful and she is the reason that myself an a ton of other fats girls can happily walk outside in a short sleeveless dress and say "I look amazing." She deserves to feel and say the same.

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