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Top 10 Neighbours Hunks

It's not just the clever storylines that keep us watching, right? Here's our countdown of Ramsay Street's most chiselled chins and brawny bodies, compiled from your suggestions on the Neighbours UK Facebook page.

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10. Harley Bonner as Joshua Willis

Where better to start our chart of Neighbours' all-time most handsome lads than with Josh, a former professional swimmer? Since first appearing on the street in May 2013, he's been turning heads and after losing Amber to Daniel is now getting it on with Naomi (who could forget that moment in the lift?). Now he's flaunting his pecs on a dating site for all to see, it's clear that Josh is a fine specimen for sure, although seeing as actor Harley's mum is Carla Bonner (aka Neighbours jailbird Steph Scully), his good looks are clearly no coincidence.

9. Ryan Moloney as Jarrod ‘Toadie’ Vincenzo Rebecchi

As one of Ramsay Street's most-loved and longest-standing lads, we couldn't let Toadie escape the fond gaze of this countdown. Since the mid-90s he's been on our screens and in our hearts, and his antics, misfortunes and foxy looks have made him a true household name. We've seen him transform from his school years as a wrestling-loving prankster and a few brief and pretty unlucky relationships through to becoming a successful, wrestling-loving lawyer and he's certainly not short of female attention now, is he Naomi, ahem?

8. Scott Major as Lucas Fitzgerald

Just when the sight of Lucas in his oily mechanic overalls had become a regular fixture in our lives, he left Erinsborough in favour of a blissful bucolic lifestyle with Vanessa and their daughter Sebastiana. Before that he was the object of all the girls' desires, and was romantically linked with Elle, Steph and Emilia. Lucas's captivating character, once described as Ramsay Street's resident lovable rogue, is sorely missed.

7. Craig McLachlan as Henry Ramsay

Long-term Neighbours fans will remember Henry as a mouthwatering morsel of curly hair and toned muscles. His legacy is as a true gentleman, who made an honest woman of Bronwyn Davies before departing the show in 1989. While his character is living his dream as a superstar DJ over in New Zealand, actor Craig McLachlan has had an equally eventful career since leaving Erinsborough- he's appeared in Home And Away, treaded the boards of the West End, and is now appearing in the BBC's The Doctor Blake Mysteries. Plus, of course, he's a chart-topping singer. What's not to love?

6. Kip Gamblin as Brad Willis

Fondly remembered as a barman and ladies' man back in the early 90s, Brad Willis moved away with his new wife Beth. When Brad returned to Neighbours last year, it was in the body of former ballet dancer and Casualty actor Kip Gamblin. His neatly-groomed stubble and tides of glossy dark hair qualify him as a bonafide Neighbours hunk. And thanks to the magic of television soap casting, this may not be the last we see of beautiful Brad in this countdown...

5. Chris Milligan as Kyle Canning

One of Ramsay Street's current heart-throbs, Kyle crops up regularly in his role as the neighbourhood handyman. Although in his school days he fell in with the wrong crowd and became a bully, he's mellowed a bit these days and is seen as a loveable lad, winning the affection of Kate, Natasha, Jade and Georgia over the years. Actor Chris Milligan, whose first appearance as Kyle was in 2008, is himself in a relationship with fellow Neighbours beau Jenna Rosenow (better known as Amber Turner).

4. Scott Michaelson as Brad Willis

Look who's back! It's Baby Brad, from back in the 90s when he was a surf bum, Kurt Cobain lookalike and bumbling fool (whose highlights include turning down a romantic advance from Natalie Imbruglia's character Beth, then almost accidentally marrying her, then ACTUALLY marrying her). Since he and Beth moved away to Perth in 1993, Brad's handsome actor Scott Michaelson has been keeping busy in various New Zealand TV series, and as the owner of a talent management company. Here we see him with Debbie Martin (played by Marnie Reese Wilmore).

3. Jason Donovan as Scott Robinson

We've made it to the top 3 in our essential list of Neighbours hunks past and present, and this dapper gentleman is a particular favourite with fans of the show old enough to remember Scott Robinson's teen romance with Charlene (Kylie Minogue), pictured here at their wedding in 1987. The characters became the ultimate couple of fictional celebrities (Scarlene?) and now live in Brisbane with their two grown-up children. Meanwhile, off-screen, alluring actor Jason Donovan has since forged a career as a musician, author, radio presenter and I'm A Celebrity contestant.

2. Dan Paris as Drew Kirk

Drew's long sleek hair and rippling muscles made him a sumptuous addition to Ramsay Street when he arrived in 1998, as a mechanic and eventual husband of Karl & Susan Kennedy's daughter Libby. We see him here in his birthday suit thanks to 1999's Full Monty episode, with nothing but this paragraph of text to protect his modesty. We've been in mourning for darling Drew ever since his tragic death in a horse-riding accident in 2002, but actor Dan Paris is still thriving in his new job as a photographer.

Which brings us to the top spot in our selection of the 10 all-time hottest Neighbours men...

1. Scott McGregor as Mark Brennan

Overwhelmingly the most loved on our Facebook page, it's former police detective Brennan. This ravishing sharp-suited gent first came on the scene back in 2010, tasked with finding out who pushed Paul Robinson from the Lassiter's Hotel mezzanine. After a rocky relationship with Kate Ramsay, and then a disappearance while he was in witness protection and teaching abseiling in the Blue Mountains (yes, really), he's back and getting a lot of love from his fellow characters and fans of the show alike. Away from the show, his actor Scott McGregor is making full use of his devilishly good looks as a model and TV presenter, appearing in Men's Health magazine and Cleo's Bachelor Of The Year.

Here are some of your comments from Facebook:

Diane Green: Brennan by far exceeds any of the eye candy that has ever been on Neighbours, he's perfection personified!

Sandra Butt: Mark Brennan is gorgeous, would have made a good Christian Grey for the Fifty Shades Of Grey film

Ruth Sears: Brennan is gorgeous! He can take me out anytime!

Scott / Mark, we're proud to crown you our number one hunk! Wear your official BuzzFeed rosette with pride!

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