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    22 Wand Vibrators And Sex Toys To Fend Off The Chill This Winter

    Oh the weather outside is frightful, but these wands are so delightful, and since there's no place to go... *buzz buzz buzz*

    1. A discreet wand vibrator that still packs a punch with 10 vibration modes — perfect for anyone living with roommates or thin walls and wanting to get off without letting everyone know.

    Red miniature wand vibrator

    2. A 9" dual-ended vibrating wand, so you can *feel* something besides your weighted blanket — and this may put you to sleep just as fast.

    Model holding pink vibrator

    3. A bent glass pleasure wand that's dual-ended for you to use solo or with a partner and 💥 boom — satisfaction.

    Reviewer holding pink dual-ended wand

    4. A luxury smart wand by Lelo that's whisper quiet and waterproof in case you like your bubble baths with a side of rumbles.

    Teal wand vibrator

    5. A sleek wand constructed from durable glass for an extra-satisfying massage inside and out. Plus, there's a unique pink handle that's like your own personal sex life sigil.

    6. A Bluetooth-enabled wand vibrator for cozy lovers who want to add a little warmth to their long-distance trysts with a partner.

    7. A powerful 20-function wand vibrator that comes in a travel-friendly size for the snowbirds who prefer to get out of Dodge for the winter and travel light: just a pair of sunglasses and a vibrator.

    Model holding hot pink miniature wand vibrator

    8. A glass wand inspired by the planets with a bulbous design that curves to meet your sweet spots, so you can can enjoy the long winter nights without any interruption.

    9. The OG Magic Wand that's been delivering *relief* to the supreme witch for decades with two rumbly speeds and a simple single switch.

    BTW it's really easy to upgrade your OG Magic Wand, no need to wait — just check out one of these attachments.

    10. A stainless-steel wand with dual ends that'll probably deliver better results than your New Year's resolutions.

    Stainless steel dual-ended dildo

    11. A glow-in-the-dark mini wand vibrator with seven patterns and 10 intensity levels, so you can whip up a cozy cup full of orgasms, no marshmallows necessary.

    Model holding glow in the dark wand vibrator

    12. A luxury wand vibrator boasting a flexible head and eight vibration modes — not to mention, it preheats to 107 degrees F because there's no such thing as being too warm.

    Purple and pink wand vibrators

    13. A waterproof wand by Satisfyer boasting a 13" length, 10 vibrations, and five intensities, making it the perfect companion for anyone who prefers to go big or go home.

    Purple wand vibrator

    14. A simple wand vibrator crafted for the winter hermits who don't need to be bothered by expensive luxury items and choose to hunker down in isolation with this powerful battery-operated toy.

    Pink slender tulip wand

    15. A powerful, rechargeable wand vibrator because, let's be honest, your sun lamp, heated blanket and charger are already overloading your surge protector and this sex toy requires nary a plug-in cord to satisfy your desires.

    White, gray and black wireless wand vibrators

    16. A silicone vibrator combining the best of both worlds: a rabbit and a wand, for the savvy sex toy enthusiast always looking for the next new thing.

    Blue Wanderful Wabbit triple stimulating rabbit vibrator

    17. A stainless-steel wand with curves and two bulbous tips that'll leave a permanent smile on your face. Some people prefer hot cocoa and others prefer dildos — no judgment.

    At 7.5 inches long, this bulbous beauty steps into the ring and offers 2 pounds of weight for the full feeling your other toys might be missing.

    Promising reviews: "Product will make your partner squirt. I would recommend pairing this with a Magic Wand as well. Problem my girlfriend and I encountered is it’s actually too intense for her, and now she requires to be tied up, so I had to make a follow-up trip to Home Depot. Solid rating at 5/5, will spice up your intimacy time." —M. Allen

    "The prized possession in our toy box. When she's super aroused this sexy hunk of steel brings buckets of squirts with minimal effort. I also appreciate its prostate-stimulating ability. No other manually operated toy can get me primed and ready for super-O town quite like this. If you can afford it, buy it and enjoy!" —User Name Taken

    Get it from Amazon for $90.

    18. A petite and powerful textured wand created for the masturbator who loves external vibes and really wants to ~feel~ the power in their hand.

    Model holding turquoise textured wand vibrator

    19. A sleek and powerful wand vibrator with up to 50 vibration combinations and a versatile waterproof design — you know what they say, the wand chooses you and this one is screaming your name.

    Model holding orange wand vibrator

    20. A wireless wand vibrator that'll lead to effortless O's with a flexible silicone head, three speeds, and seven patterns. When your toes are tingly and you're all hot and bothered, go ahead and press that lightning button for me.

    Pastel pink wand vibrator

    21. A luxury wand vibrator inspired by the scepters of the Egyptian pharaohs and probably just as powerful thanks to the five vibration modes and six speed intensities that deliver direct stimulation to your favorite spots.

    Black and green wand vibrators with attachments

    22. The popular Demi Wand, created by Demi Lovato and Bellesa for a pint-sized and powerful sex toy with eight vibration speeds (no patterns!) that can be enjoyed by any — and every— one. Trust me, you'll definitely "Remember December" after you purchase this cutie.

    No one is going to judge you if you stay inside all winter, trust me.

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