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    35 Sex Toys Under $30 That'll Help You Ring In The New Year*climax*

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A reusable Tenga Spinner masturbator, which comes in assortment of styles, each with its own unique internal texture that spins around your shaft as you stroke for a lifelike squeeze.

    Tenga USA

    Currently, Spectrum Boutique offers #6 Brick, #4 Pixel, #5 Beads, and #1 Tetra — pick one or two...or even splurge on them all! These are compatible with water-based and hybrid lubricants due to the silicone structure.

    Promising reviews: "I have purchased two of these for myself (two different varieties) and they really are just great. I love all the different options (though I will note the difference between my two is not enormous), they feel wonderful, and yeah. A great experience. I had the Tenga egg before, which just didn't cut it, so bumped up to this and really do enjoy it. Super affordable, well made, and a bunch of fun! I've been thinking about continuing with Tenga and getting myself one of the Flips!" —James

    "I haven't been sexually confused in a hot minute but, man does this toy confuse and enthrall me. I haven't been one to validate a need for toys for just myself, but this thing is just a wild lil' monster. Now I'm sold on having some personal toys because this thing is a perfect lil' toy to have around. The spiral action is pretty damn impressive as is the sensation from the internal texture. I can't tell if it feels more like an ass or a vagina but either way I'm happy as could be. Definitely worth trying one out!" —GJ

    Get it from Spectrum Boutique for $27 or on Amazon for $23.79+ (available in all six styles).

    Spectrum Boutique is a sex-positive retailer run by self-proclaimed "Dildo Duchess" Zoe Ligon to provide customers with curated collections and resources.

    2. A classic rabbit vibrator by PlusOne with 10 vibration settings and dual motors, so you can feel everything in the shaft and external tip.

    Model holding pink rabbit vibrator near legs
    Plus One

    Promising reviews: "I bought this as a break-up treat for myself because I was getting depressed and horny, which is a terrible combination. It ended up being one of the best purchases I've ever made. I don't even want to call it a 'toy,' it's more like an appliance for every day living. Magnetic rechargeable internal battery (yeah, no scrambling to find the remote when you need battery life), multiple settings (separate for the main shaft and the clitoral stimulant LIKE THEY KNEW WHAT A CLITORIS IS!), and pretty easy to clean (some ridges around the buttons take more than a quick swipe, but nothing to cry over). I squirted for the first time in a decade. I literally wept. This thing is magic and the future is now." —Rachel Foster

    Get it from Amazon for $27.99.

    3. A hand-blown double-ended glass dildo in case you have thing for inserting really pretty toys into your body.

    Model holding glass dildo with blue bead accents

    I will always always always remind you that glass toys are perfect for temperature play — and this toy has a beaded end for that fuller feeling and a textured end, so you can play around and figure out which end works best for "massaging" and which one makes the best handle.

    Promising review: "My female partner loves this toy and has some of the best orgasms of her life. Whether she is on her back, stomach, side, doesn't matter. Intense and easy orgasms. For him, it's also a good enjoyable full feeling. The fact you got two different size endings adds to the versatility. Some weight to it, but in the good spectrum of weight. Came discreetly packaged, I don't think anyone would have any idea you're buying a sex toy. This one is a top three for me and if it ever breaks, I would buy it again." —Customer #z031

    Get it from Amazon for $11.88.

    4. A water-friendly rainbow stripe silicone butt plug by B-Vibe with a flared base for easy removal and a smooth tapered tip for easing in.


    It comes in multiple sizes, so it is a great beginner's toy for anyone interested in butt stuff.

    Get it from B-Vibe for $16.99 (available in three sizes).

    B-Vibe is a woman-founded small business that designs tech-savvy, anal-focused sex toys, because butts deserve premium pleasure products too.

    5. A neon dual-density dildo boasting a slim 1.25-inch width and 5-inch insertable length, so you can enjoy a sculpted, realistic feeling.

    Orange dildo with suction cup base

    And a suction cup base means this little dildo will stay put even if you don't.

    Promising review: "This is the softest toy we have ever used. And we've used alot (we spend a LOT of money on these things!). If you're looking for soft, it doesn't get any softer. It is quite small also. Too much so for our use, but great for someone who needs a small, soft toy. The suction cup is OK but the flared base is good for straps. It's one of those hybrid flare/suction bases. Works OK either way, probably better for straps than suction." —Heather Hamon

    Get it from Amazon for $12.99.

    6. A vibrating anal plug designed with graduated beads and seven vibration modes to rock your world.

    Reviewer holding black beaded vibrator

    The diameter of the beads range from 0.78 inches to 1.4 inches for thrilling and filling sensations.

    Promising reviews: "I've had this toy for a few weeks now and my partner and I have used it a few times. The last time we used it, he literally asked me why we don't use this toy more LOL. It's very strong, surprisingly strong for a rechargeable toy. It's a quick charge, which is nice, and the smooth silicone makes it easy to clean. If you're new to anal or just want to enhance your conventional fun, I highly recommend this product. It's pretty wild LOL." —Nelli T.

    "I really enjoyed this product. I’d recommend taking your time with insertion but the more you open up, the deeper you’re able to go, then the more pleasure you feel. I’d highly recommend this product especially for those looking to slowly get into anal play." —Nicholas Burroughs

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99.

    7. A 3-in-1 cock ring for people who want to take their endurance to the next level and *safely* restrict blood flow to all the right places.,

    This multifunctional ring is 1.57 inches in diameter.

    Promising reviews: "First one I have owned. It is comfortable and stretches nicely and still gets its job done. As someone who is above average girth it still felt comfortable without any pinching feeling. Having the three openings does make it feel better than others I have tried, IMO. It cleaned up real easy, too." —I Henschel

    "This is literally the best erection ring I’ve ever used. It’s stretchy and silky smooth and won’t rip your pubes out if you keep them natural. It’s not too tight even if you have some extra girth and it will keeps you hard without interfering with ejaculation. Super easy to clean, too." —Adam G.

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99 (available in black and blue).

    8. A powerful miniature wand vibrator created with supple silicone for a soft-touch feel and 20 functions to take you right to that blissful, blurry edge.

    Promising reviews: "This is the first toy I’ve ever bought and it deserves 5 stars. I’ve only used it three times since I’ve bought it and it hasn’t disappointed me once. Within two minutes, I was seeing fireworks everywhere whereas it would’ve taken me closer to 10 minutes using my hand alone. It really gets straight to the point...almost too fast. I 100,000% recommend this product." —A Very Satisfied Girl

    "This is my first ever sex toy, and I was already apprehensive about buying it, but after reading so many positive reviews I just had to order it...and boy am I glad I did! This little thing has given me the quickest orgasms I've ever had, definitely under a minute! If you're questioning if you want it or not, trust me you do, buy!" —K.

    Get it from Amazon for $21.95+ (available in four colors).

    9. A petite precision bullet designed with silky silicone and seven vibration modes to tickle your fancy all over.,

    Promising review: "It is pretty small, which makes it a great toy for beginners. I was pretty nervous to try anything bigger but I think this is a perfect beginner toy. My favorite part of this toy is the silicone on the outside. It is super smooth and if you want anything entering you this should be the way you go about it. I use tons of lube and slowly work my way with it, but I definitely recommend doing the same. The price is super affordable too and it comes with a discreet travel case so I don't see any issues at all. Please buy." —Que

    Get it from Amazon for $12.99+ (available in four colors).

    10. An air pulse suction toy capable of making your body respond to indirect stimulation in ways you can't even imagine.

    Model holding pink suction vibrator in soapy water
    Plus One

    It's waterproof and has five intensity levels to help you ease your way to orgasm...if you want.

    Promising reviews: "Holy cow. I’ve only had one vibrator before this one and it was meh at best. This is a game changer, though. For one, it’s nice and weighty and fits really well in my hand, I don’t have to struggle to grip it or focus on keeping it in place. And my god it does it’s job and it does it well. My body did things I didn’t know it could do. I’ve never seen so much wetness in my bed. I laid there for a bit thinking I had died and experienced heaven. Vulva owners, do yourself a favor and buy this." —Anon

    "I love this so much! I was dubious at first, but have other products in the line and was considering some products for clitoral stimulation, so I gave this a try. The first time I used it was in the bathtub and WOW! Then bedtime rolled around and my husband and I played with it. I love the stimulation and the shape. I don't really use the puffs of air, I apply it directly. I love that it teases me and sometimes I get off with it by itself, sometimes I use another toy with it, or with my husband during intercourse. It's one of my favorite sex toys." —Lammashta V. Machina 0

    Get it from Amazon for $29.98.

    11. A simple and sleek stainless-steel cock ring that weighs 5.7 ounces and is perfect for advanced users looking for a new sensation.

    Model holding stainless steel cock ring

    This ring is 1.75 inches wide, which is a little wider than most rings, but because of its's probably not the right choice for beginners. Also, reviewers recommend definitely using lube to put it on and that it's best to do so before getting an erection.

    Promising reviews: "After a little lube on me and a little persuasion I managed to place both balls and penis through the ring. The fit was perfect: tight, weighty, but extremely comfortable. Over the next four days, I kept the ring on except for sleeping. The first night I used it, I just couldn’t get off to sleep and my OH had enough play that night. Over these days, I had no issues with a ball slipping out of the ring. My OH loved the way my balls were pushed away from my body and how the skin was stretched tight, she loves to play with them tugging and squeezing them during our sessions. I also found the ring prolonged our sessions with me taking longer to come but when I did, it was extremely more enjoyable." —DG55

    Get it from Lovehoney for $26.99.

    12. A sleek and versatile bullet vibe by Satisfyer created with a waterproof design and removable cap — not to mention 15 vibration modes to explore your favorite erogenous zones externally.

    @satisfyercom / Via

    You can use this travel-friendly toy with or without the metal cap, in case you want to explore different sensations.

    Promising reviews: "Effective, quiet, and sleek! Lots of power in a compact, cute package. A personal favorite (like most of the Satisfyer products I have)! You won’t be disappointed. ;)" —Anonymous

    "I'm a mom. I don't have a lot of me-time. This is perfect for getting the job done in random locations. I laugh saying that because it doesn't stay put in one location of my house. It's also kind of low-key hush, which is wonderful. Gets the job done for me in five minutes or less." —Carla Campbell

    Get it from Amazon for $29.95 (available in gold and chrome).

    13. A 7.3-inch real-feel transparent dildo that's not only pleasing to the eye, but also to your insides with a flexible design and 1.5-inch diameter that'll hit all of your favorite spots.

    Reviewer holding transparent realistic dildo

    Promising reviews: "It came faster than I expected, and was honestly the least intimidating one I’ve seen, not too thick. Great for beginners with slight experience. It was very easy to clean. The suctions was better than I expected, stuck to everything I placed it on 😂. And please for the love of god use some lube. It just feels better with some rather than without. 💦" —jas

    Get it from Amazon for $11.99.

    14. Or a rainbow-striped realistic dildo if transparency isn't your thing. It's 8.14 inches long with a gently curved shaft, 6.22 inches of insertable length, and a suction cup base, so you could technically use it any and everywhere.,

    Promising review: "A magic rainbow dildo! The strength, the flexibility, the length, the girth.. this product covers it all! Used with a strap or on its own with the suction cup, this dildo will make your legs weak for sure. It’s super easy to clean and to store. It comes with a cute little purple bag where you can keep it in. Came in Amazon box but the box of the product itself is still discreet. The suction cup sticks to everything, it’s really powerful and won’t come off unless you want it to. This can very well be a dildo for beginners, you just need to take it slow the first time." —Val

    Get it from Amazon for $16.99+ (available in three colors).

    15. A dual cock ring designed with stretchy silicone to help your penis-packing partner stay harder for longer, so you both get yours.

    reviewer holding black dual cock ring

    This versatile ring can be worn in several ways: solely on your dick, one ring wrapped around the D and the other around the balls, or wrap them both around your balls! Pick your poison, it's your pleasure!

    Promising reviews: "Most rings feel too binding after prolonged wearing. This one is comfortable for hours. Also much more durable. Most others that are this thin break after a few uses. I highly recommend this penis ring." —Alan I.

    "I loved the product! Works amazing and is comfortable to use but after a while it becomes bothersome. I would put some lube around the area where it will be on to help with that. It was sort of too tight for me at first but then it let up somewhat. It is very soft and easy to use. I can definitely tell the difference when I use it and creates more sensation." —BDogg

    Get it from Amazon for $9.90+ (available in black and burgundy).

    16. A triple-stimulating vibrator complete with graduated anal beads, a thick internal shaft, and external rabbit "ears," so you can try reach all your favorite spots at once.

    Pink triple-stimulating rabbit vibrator

    Seven powerful vibration modes in the shaft and rabbit ears along with flexible anal beads offer a lot stimulation whether you like to use your toys alone or with a partner, for foreplay or the entire session. A magnetic charger helps ensure a waterproof seal and its use in the shower or bath.

    Promising review: "When I say this gave me life, took it, and gave it back again 🥴 it was everything I wanted and then some. I was really impressed by the touch and feel of it was very silky like then the vibration settings OMG. It’s takes no time or effort to clean it I most definitely would recommend to get I promise you will not be disappointed cause I slept like a baby when it was all over." —Andrea

    Get it from Amazon for $28.99+ (available in pink and purple).

    17. A transparent masturbator with a tight, convex, textured interior that you can twist, stroke and watch through its case until you're finished.

    Model sticking fingers into transparent masturbator
    Front of masturbator with realistic details
    Model holding masturbator to display front and full length

    Yes, it's waterproof, so go ahead and play with it in the shower.

    Promising reviews: "Love the product, my first purchase of a masturbator, very snug and stimulating. I don't consider myself very big girth-wise, but this is very snug yet 'adaptable.' It is extremely stimulating after orgasm as the toy stays tight around your very sensitive head, shaft, etc. Appears very durable, use water-based lube. 'Sucking' sound is rather stimulating depending on how you hold/use the toy. Easy to clean, pliable." —Terry

    "First toy for husband, he was really surprised at how nice it felt. We did parallel play to get him comfortable. Unbelievably soft but firm enough for resistance. Easy to clean — we have some light fabric towels to pull from one end to the other to get fully dry." —Ashwdwrd

    Get it from Amazon for $28.89 (available in three colors).

    18. A hand-blown petite tapered plug boasting a flared base for effortless insertion and removal, delivering a full feeling to anal aficionados.

    Model holding blue glass butt plug with curved flared base

    Promising reviews: "I was excited as soon as I felt the weight of it in my hands. It's gorgeous, the kind of sex toy that wants to be on display. Smooth, chilly glass, and once it's in gravity won't let you forget. We had lots of fun going up and down the stairs with it in! Keep it in for P in V, and the tail fins provide stimulation for your partner, too." —Hannah

    Get it from Lovehoney for $29.99.

    19. A 9.25-inch transparent confetti dildo that's cause for celebration with just over 7 inches of insertable length, a 1.37-inch width and, of course, a strong suction cup base. 🎉,

    This dildo is literally almost too large to fit into the frame?????? *adds to cart*

    Promising reviews: "Let me start by saying it’s big and meaty. I’m 5'11" and it’s as long as my forearm, wrist to elbow. But amazing, and for those like me who might find it a tight fit a little water based lube goes a long way. A couple of minutes had me shaking, might be my best purchase ever!!" —Lyn'

    "Looks great. Material feels great its squishy for leeway. The definition is very life like. The suction is very strong and it moves very realistically. Definitely NOT for starters though." —Black_lotus

    Get it from Amazon for $23.99.

    20. A sleek rabbit vibrator reimagined with a fluttering tongue for external stimulation and 10 vibration settings in both the shaft and "tongue" to help deliver those dual-blended orgasms.,

    Promising reviews: "The package first off was so cute! I love that it is rechargeable and has a drawstring bag as well. There is nothing to dislike about this product! It has 10 frequencies, trust me there is definitely a setting for every mood. The simultaneous pleasure was amazing, no more than five minutes and the O was achieved. I would definitely recommend this product." —Dara Thomas

    "I promise you won’t need another toy once you have this gem. It has multiple vibrating settings. And the curled tips really make it happen. The curves and ridges...yes." —Zephyr Montanez

    Get it from Amazon for $13.99+ (available in pink and purple).

    21. A leaf-shaped vibrator that's a must-have for people who love to grind or prefer broader stimulation.

    @shopenby / Via

    This discreet vibe has six vibration speeds and four patterns for you to explore, whether you choose to lay on it, grind on it, or use your hands to guide it around your favorite areas.

    Get it from Enby for $29 or Amazon for $29.99.

    Enby is a Black-/trans-owned company that believes all bodies deserve affirmation and pleasure by providing an online sex toy shopping experience that's comfortable and inclusive.

    22. The new Cone anal plug from our favorite minimalist sex toy company, Maude, boasting a slim, tapered design and flared base to make sure it stays put.


    Promising reviews: "if you’re first starting out with booty play or have been doing it for a while — this plug is for you! It’s the perfect size, isn’t intimidating, is so soft, and, in general Maude fashion, so cute too!✨" —jennah

    "Great size and firmness for getting started with butt stuff! A Goldilocks fit for sure." —Daniel D.

    Get it from Maude for $30 (available in charcoal and green).

    23. A powerful rabbit vibrator that delivers unique kneading and slipping external stimulation in case you're looking for something simple to spice things up.,

    This dual-stimulating silicone toy offers 10 powerful vibration modes and 5 inches of insertable length to reach that sweet spot.

    Promising reviews: "So this got here really quickly. I waited to do a review until I had a chance to charge and use it. It has some pretty intense vibrations and the rabbit ears moving are just great. The size is super fit for me. Its not too thick or thin and has a nice weight but isn't heavy. It's easy to clean and made of super soft silicone feeling material. 5/5 it hit all my right places." —Patricia Villarreal

    "The appearance and function: the color is beautiful and the toy is so soft to the touch. The vibration and mode options make for different experiences and there is something for everyone. The charging is quick and simple so you can get to playing soon after unboxing. How the product works: this thing works AMAZING! I was skeptical for $25 but thought it was worth a shot. I am so glad I actually took a chance because this baby is the best thing I've ever owned. If you're thinking of giving it a chance do it! You won't be disappointed!" —Shelia

    Get it from Amazon for $24.98 (available in purple and teal).

    24. A textured silicone vibrator equipped with 12 vibrating modes and a realistic-inspired design, so you can finally give your favorite spots the attention (and stimulation) they deserve.

    Reviewer holding vibrator to display ridges on shaft

    Promising reviews: "Super soft, easy to clean. Easy for beginners. Has 12 different modes, which are super strong. If you're worried about buying this, just do it, you won't regret it, and watch my video." —Alexander&Jordan

    "I love this vibrator. I finally used it, and oh my gosh I love it. I've been looking for a great one and I finally found it. I know this might be too personal, but I will admit it: I have never experienced an orgasm until now. I love this device!" —Lynn

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99.

    25. A pair of glass Ben Wa balls beautifully weighted for effortless internal stimulation to help heighten sensations and increase muscle control — two balls, one vagina?

    Adam & Eve

    Promising reviews: "Every time I use them I'm super wet. I personally can't feel them once inside, I lift weights every day, and I also haven't given birth, BUT when I use them all day, my boyfriend gets off in less than five mins. The last time was four pumps. :/ (He made up for it.) I have no complaints." —Brittani

    "Very nice quality. Shiny and smooth. Very pretty. I really enjoyed the coldness of them. I'm a first time user of Ben Wa balls. Tried two the first time. They were too heavy for me to keep them inserted. I'm looking forward to building my strength to keep both of them in. The cloth storage bag is a very nice accessory." —SexyRedHead

    Get it from Adam & Eve for $27.95+ or Amazon for $13.20+ (available in small and medium).

    26. The Shotpocket pleasure sleeve designed specifically for trans folks who have experienced bottom growth due to T and are looking for squishy, silicone addition to their solo or couple's play.

    FtM Essentials

    This sleeve has a ribbed interior that creates a suction sensation during use that will blow your mind.

    Promising review: "Honestly this was the perfect toy for my changes in sexuality after starting testosterone. There are so many different ways to use it, and it is very, very soft silicone, which is pretty great since things get sensitive after starting T — I can go to town longer and explore more. It was perfect size and can stretch a little if needed, but for me it was just right. The ridges are soft but effective. It's worth the price and someone did a good job making it." —md

    Get it from FtM Essentials for $24.

    FtM Essentials is a subsidiary of the Chicago-based feminist sex shop Early to Bed, specifically designed as a safe space online for folks looking for gender expression gear.

    27. A vibrating anal plug constructed with graduated beads and 16 vibration modes, so you can feel every little thing as you explore the rear.,

    Promising reviews: "Feels amazing going in and even better once it’s turned on, the vibrations are enough to hit that special spot and leave you begging for more!" —Anonymous

    "If you’re looking for a product to send shockwaves through your body, this is it! This toy will keep you excited and pleasured for hours. Try it with your partner or enjoyed by yourself. You will not be disappointed!" —Jerome Monegan

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99.

    28. A Satisfyer One Night Stand suction vibrator that takes the idea of a "quickie" to a whole new level with clit-melting suction and a waterproof, disposable design.

    Red suction vibrator
    Bellesa Boutique

    Oh, it's cute. And it's cheap. This single-use toy has a 90 minute runtime, and it'll get you off exactly like that, but who's mad about it?

    Promising review: "I’ll be honest. I bought this thinking OK, it’s only $10 but maybe it’ll be nice for my girlfriend, who really enjoys oral sex. Didn’t think it would be my thing. Decided that I would give it a whirl tho, just to see. Holy motherfucking shit. I came in under two minutes. Later, I used it with my girlfriend along with a dildo and I met God and she gave me a high five. I came so hard that we had to take a break because my body was so wrecked. I give 10 stars and will be buried with this toy." —J.

    Get it from Bellesa Boutique for $14 as an add-on to any qualifying purchase over $29.

    29. A 7-inch beaded glass anal slider constructed with five graduating beads from 1 inch wide at the tip to 1.5 inches wide at the base, so you can enjoy the feeling of fullness growing inside you.

    Model holding pink beaded glass plug

    Promising reviews: "Love walking around with it stuffed in. Wife loves to stroke me while I'm down on it." —C-ckina-s

    "I love anal toys. And this one is one of my favorites! It's bold from the first nub to the last. Perfect to get ready for the real thing or just solo play. I can see the size being intimidating to a beginner, but those seasoned in anal play will welcome this beauty." —PeachesAndCream

    Get it from Adam & Eve for $27.95 or Amazon for $23.95.

    30. An 11.5" body-safe fisting toy that's realistic in size and shape, and only gets weird when you think about the fact that it's a dismembered arm...but, like, it'll reach your sweet spot.

    Black hand-shaped dildo from various angles

    Promising reviews: "Inserts nicely, very magical, we are getting married soon, unfortunately I can't seem to get the ring on her finger." —tim allshouse

    "Perfect for a kinky experience that can, after practice, open new realms of pleasure and fantasy. Firm, but the fingers are flexible enough to be comfortable even during rough use. The 'duckbill' design is easier to tolerate than the closed fist models." —R. Adams

    Get it from Amazon for $20/58+ (available in three colors).

    31. An adorable (and waterproof) bullet vibrator designed with 10 settings and a discreet design, so you can bring ~good vibes~ with you on the road.

    Blue bullet vibrator next to condom

    Promising review: "This is the first vibrator I have ever used. Never thought I needed one until my boyfriend got deployed. Lemme tell you this thing is better than any sex I have ever had. I’ve only had this thing for two days but even the first time I used it it was like magic. I started on the first three settings, which are a straight vibration and my core muscles were so tight. The pulsation settings made my legs pulse with the vibrator. It is so intense that you feel it long after you are done. Your muscles get so tight and then there is the release or orgasm that is incredibly insane. I have heard things about the battery not lasting too long so I might want to get a more expensive one after it’s done but this is by far the best purchase I have ever made." —Madelyne

    Get it from Amazon for $9.71.

    32. A set of three anal plugs, featuring three different shapes and sizes that are ideal for beginners who want to explore penetration through the back door.

    Three black anal plugs with different textures
    One hot pink anal plug, one light purple anal plug and one light pink plug with different textures

    Choose your favorite: the seductive spiral, the narrow bulbs, or the classic graduated bulbs. Convenient retrieval loops offer easy removal.

    Promising reviews: "These were great for my entry into anal play, I think the material and size were great with not having much experience. The purple one felt incredible for both my partner and I when he was penetrating me vaginally at the same time. All in all led to a very fun night." —Paige

    "This product is perfect for those beginning to experiment and play. Three separate sizes and shapes really helped us ease into the process. Great product for an affordable price. Can't go wrong buying this product and I highly recommend these plugs to be added to your toy box." —Scotty

    Get it from Amazon for $11.90+ (available in black and pink/purple).

    33. A bent glass pleasure wand boasting a dual-ended for you to use solo or with a partner and bibbidi-boppity-BOOM.

    Reviewer holding pink dual-ended wand

    Promising reviews: "Worked like magic. Had to change the sheets after the first use." —S. Brownlee

    "I was looking for an angled glass toy to perfectly stimulate my g-spot and I got it right on the first shot by purchasing this toy! This toy makes me squirt and cum so fast and like never before. My boyfriend used it on me, and I had the best orgasm of my life! So so pleased with this purchase. The ribbed end is also great for anal stimulation. It’s multipurpose and amazing!" —B.K.

    Get it from Amazon for $17.99.

    34. A flexible silicone dildo designed with a unique texture, allowing for added stimulation with each thrust — plus it has a suction cup base to help it stay put.,

    This 6.9-inch dildo offers just over 5 inches of insertable length above its realistic balls and is 1.81 inches wide.

    Promising review: "OK, ladies and gents! This 'Blue Magic' here is amazing and I’ll buy it again and again if needed. It came well packaged and in all original factory packaging. When I pulled it out I was a little iffy that it would deliver. It truly has a realistic feel once you touch your privates with it. It’s an addictive feeling that makes your body crave more. For me, it felt just like the real thing. I was very satisfied once finished and felt proud of my new go-to pleasure piece. Overall the price and product deserve more stars than I can give it." —Sarita M.

    Get it from Amazon for $13.99 (available in nine colors).

    35. A very beginner-friendly plug made from supple silicone with a tapered tip for effortless insertion that'll hit all the right spots without being overwhelming.

    Model with blue butt plug on her body

    This slim plug is 1.3" at its widest point and 4" long — just remember to use a water-based lube for extra-smooth sailing!

    Promising reviews: "The perfect starter for anal play. My man and I both love using it on each other to the point we have to take turns on who gets it first. ;)" —CEL

    "I never used a plug before and we searched for one with my partner. Don’t hesitate if you are like me and pick this one! It’s just the perfect size and shape for a first time and it will give you lots of pleasure you didn’t know you needed. Amazing paired with Jelly!" —Camille

    Get it from Unbound for $25.

    You, as the ball drops:


    Except these toys will help make sure you finish.

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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