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33 Ramen-Themed Products If Your Love For Ramen Can't Be Quantified

This list has pretty much everything in it that any ramen lover would want...except for actual ramen.

While BuzzFeed celebrates Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (APAHM), we also believe in celebrating the contributions from Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders year-round. Please enjoy this APAHM-themed product post from BuzzFeed Shopping and know that you can enjoy these businesses well beyond this wonderful, dedicated month.

1. Spice up your work attire or uniform with this ramen-themed lanyard, which adds a splash of color and a more playful flair than your normal ID tag.

Orange and cream ramen noodle lanyard
Emii Creations Store / Etsy

Promising reviews: "Absolutely amazing!! I am immediately happier when I put it on every morning! Got lots of compliments at my job too! :)" —M H

"I love this lanyard!! I love that fact it was a ramen design, plus she added a free pin to add to my collection of ramen pins. It made my day to receive it. The fabric was good, and packaging was great! Thanks again!" —Fabiola Mendoza

Get it from Emii Creations Store on Etsy for $10.

Emii Creations Store is a woman- and family-owned small business based in California that specializes in handmade products — including lanyards, keychains, stickers, and even apparel — with unique designs that will bring a smile to any geek.

2. A simple and straightforward keychain with an intricate handmade design of Tonkotsu (pork bone) ramen.

Black metal keychain designed as bowl of ramen
Ramen Boutique / Etsy

Promising review: "The key chain and pin is sooo cute! It has a nice weight, so I'm hopeful that it will last a while. Thank you!" —arianneneddriley

Get it from Ramen Boutique on Etsy for $9.95.

Ramen Boutique is a small business based in California run by Edward Wu, an Asian-American ramen blogger who creates unique, handmade ramen keychains and enamel pins.

3. A handmade ceramic spoon that's literally designed for ramen and perfect on days when you just want to order in, but still have restaurant experience.

Five ceramic soup spoons
Photo of spoon face up and face down
Eric Handmade US / Etsy

These spoons were created with help from Jingdezhen Jiulv Ceramic Co., Ltd., based in Jingdezhen, China.

Promising reviews: "I love these spoons. They're a little thicker/heavier than the soup spoons I grew up using, but they have a great feel in your hand. The texture on the handle is a really cool detail. I was a little disappointed that the ones I received were less speckled than in the photo, but the colors are still beautiful." —Bean

"Spoons were more beautiful in person than the photos. Sturdy design, super functional, and matches nearly any decor. Super happy!" —Danna Sinnis

Get it from Eric Handmade US on Etsy for $13.99+ (available in 2- or 4-piece sets and three colors).

Eric Handmade US is a small business based in Illinois that specializes in unique and functional ceramic kitchenware.

4. An essential stainless steel spork designed by the MoMA, so you can enjoy your ramen at home (or on the go) without having to use more than one utensil.

Spork from front
Spork on side
Museum of Modern Art

Promising reviews: "Works like a dream. When you get to the bottom of the bowl and the spoon is too large just lift the bowl to your lips and finish your Ramen soup. Beautiful piece of silverware. I am definitely going to order another. I LOVE A GREAT PROBLEM SOLVER. Highly Recommended. 🥣" —J. K. B.

"Tried quite a few different sporks for Ramen before I found this one. It works great; the design is really well thought out. It perfectly holds half a soft boiled egg, easy to sip broth from, and spins noodles like a dream. Look no further!" —Catheren

Get it from Amazon for $29.64.

5. A heart-shaped vinyl sticker, so you can show off your love for ramen anywhere, whether you stick it on your laptop, phone case, or water bottle.

Red heart sticker with bowl of ramen in the middle
Starlight Sketches / Etsy

Get it from Starlight Sketches on Etsy for $2.00.

Starlight Sketches is a woman-owned small business based in New Jersey that creates unique vinyl stickers, sun catches, and art prints based on everything from your favorite anime to your favorite food.

6. A *very* cute weather-resistant vinyl sticker in case you're hopelessly devoted to eating ramen whenever and wherever the opportunity presents itself.

Red bowl of ramen with caption
Muiji Studio / Etsy

To celebrate Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month, all products are 10% off for the month of May, with the exception of custom stickers.

This design is also available as a sweatshirt if a sticker is just not enough.

Promising reviews: "Quality, adorable stickers!! Can’t wait to gift these. Thanks!!" —ComradeInArms

"Love the sticker and all the sweet packaging it came with as well as the handwritten note; it literally made my day." —Gabriel Olague

Get it from Muiji Studio on Etsy for $3.37 (originally $3.75).

Muiji Studio is a woman- and Asian-owned small business based in Illinois that creates playful stickers, magnets, accessories, and apparel inspired by Asian American culture and food.

7. A 10-pack of ramen-themed stickers that are all created with waterproof vinyl, so you can literally stick them anywhere and they will last. That "ramen and chill" sticker is calling my name.

Assortment of ramen-themed stickers
California Decals Co / Etsy

The stickers can also be purchased individually.

Get if from California Decals Co. on Etsy for $11.20 (or $2.31 each).

California Decals Co. is a woman- and BIPOC-owned small business that offers custom stickers, decals, and sweatshirts.

8. A microwave-safe ceramic bowl — perfect for any noodle lover — that includes a cheeky graphic and chopsticks, so you're always prepared to enjoy your favorite meal.

Chopsticks may vary from what's pictured.

Promising reviews: "Looks just like the picture! It’s a bit smaller than I expected, but I will see if I can fit two packs of ramen before I judge it completely. Update: So it only fits one pack but still love it!" —V. Kelly

"I love this bowl; I will not eat ramen in any other since I received it. It is sturdy, it holds the chopstick well. I do think it would make a great gift idea as well. Worth the price." —Allie

Get it from Amazon for $17.94.

9. A ceramic bowl inspired by instant noodles with a colorful design, convenient handle for holding, and a lid for keeping your ramen hot and ready. You could also cook your instant noodles in this bowl!

Ceramic bowl of noodles designed as instant noodle package
Official Cozy 4 Life / Etsy

Get it from Official Cozy 4 Life on Etsy for $31.49+ (originally $34.99+ and available in red or blue and two sizes).

Official Cozy 4 Life is a Black-owned small business based in Montreal and wants to help you create the most adorable Kawaii-inspired living space possible by offering everything from bedding, apparel, pet goods, and kitchenware.

10. A 6-piece set of matching ceramic soup bowls with bamboo spoons and wooden chopsticks. The bowl is 60-oz., making it perfect for ramen with *all* the toppings.

Bowl of ramen on table
Two bowls with wooden chopsticks and bamboo spoon

Promising reviews: "This set is as sturdy as it is stunning. I am able to fit an entire order of take-out pho in the bowl with no problems. The chopsticks and spoons are high quality and provide for a great experience. I will definitely be purchasing a few additional sets as gifts for my friends that are noodle lovers. This set is a MUST!" —PoopySox

"I have had ramen bowls on my list for ages but never found the right set. I wanted large bowls that I could add a generous amount of toppings to and not spill easily. These were just the ticket. The listing and box mention that they are microwave and dishwasher safe, though there is no such marking on the bowls themselves. I have used them in both several times, and it seems that they are indeed microwave and dishwasher safe. For my use case, these are perfect; they are very large, so I don't spill too easily if I'm sitting on the couch to eat, and I can load up on egg and veg without difficulty." —OnlyAName

Get it from Amazon for $33.99+ (available in three colors).

11. An insulated bowl designed with a playful duck design, stainless steel lining, and convenient handle to prevent you from touching the bowl when it's hot.

Yellow duck bowl of ramen
Official Cozy 4 Life / Etsy

The bowl is large enough to hold ramen, soup, veggies, fruit, and lots of other things. It also includes a lid.

Get it from Official Cozy 4 Life on Etsy for $22.49+ (originally $24.99+ and available in two sizes).

12. Turn your space into the trendy late-night ramen restaurant of your dreams with this plexiglass wall art created with bright neon hues.

Neon ramen poster
V1 Tech LLC / Etsy

This work is light-reactive, shatter-resistant, and includes 3M command strips for effortless hanging.

Promising review: "This is an amazing piece, looks just as pictured. Purchased for my son's room, and my husband wanted it for his man cave. Very pleased with this purchase." —Christine

Get it from V1 Tech LLC on Etsy for $69.99+ (originally $139.99+ and available in matte or glossy finishes and three sizes).

V1 Tech LLC is a small business based in Dallas and specializes in custom-made computer mod accessories and wall art, so you can create a gaming set up to match your vibes.

13. Or show off your culinary tastes with this extensive wall art boasting everything there is to know about ramen. Also, what's a great way to work on perfecting your own cooking skills? By hanging this in the kitchen.

Wall art with ramen infographic design
Darius AH / Etsy

Promising review: "Love!! Got a present for my sister, and so excited to give it to her. So cute and super interesting and detailed." —Drew Hendle

Get it from Darius AH on Etsy for $11.70+ (originally $13 and available in six sizes).

Darius AH is a small business in North Carolina that creates handmade vintage-inspired wall art.

14. A pair of asymmetrical ramen noodle earrings that add a kitschy flair to your #OOTD and show off your obsession, of course.

Noodle earring and instant noodle packaging earring
The Quirky Geek / Etsy

One earring is a noodle design, and the other is a ramen package design. Both earrings have stainless steel hooks.

Promising reviews: "Words cannot properly express how much I love these earrings. They are SO WELL MADE and also so affordable!! I can't wait to wear them everywhere! I also appreciate that the metal is good for people with sensitive ears. :) Thanks for making my day!" —Vivian Nguyen

"Love these ramen earrings; they’re so cute and detailed! I got comments on them at work the very first day I wore them!" —Jennifer Chan

Get it from The Quirky Geek on Etsy for $13.

The Quirky Geek is a woman-owned small business based in Massachusetts creating hand-crafted jewelry and fashion accessories that add a chic, geeky accent to your favorite looks.

15. Or a mystery pair of ramen earrings boasting a hyper-realistic design. You don't get to choose which bowl of ramen you receive, but you literally can't go wrong.

Assortment of realistic ramen noodle earrings
Close-up of shrimp ramen earring
Firefly Lane Designs Co / Etsy

Each pair of earrings boasts a blue and white patterned soup bowl, and the options of ramen include pork, beef, chicken, seafood, and vegetarian.

Get it from Firefly Lane Designs Co. on Etsy for $20.

Firefly Lane Designs Co. is a woman-owned business based in New Jersey that specializes in unique, handmade earrings.