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    Make No Mistake — These 25 Rabbit Vibrators Will Leave You Weak In The Knees

    Tricks are for kids, but these vibes are for grown folks.

    1. An old-school jackrabbit vibrator that delivers dual stimulation with multiple speeds and a 5.5-inch insertable length to reach and titillate your favorite spots.

    Purple rabbit vibrator

    2. A classic rabbit vibrator by PlusOne with 10 vibration settings and dual motors, so you can feel everything in the shaft and external tip.

    Model holding pink rabbit vibrator near legs

    3. The BuzzFeed AirVibe, which counts as a rabbit because of its dual-stimulating combo of five suction intensities and 10 vibration settings.

    Model holding red dual stimulating vibrator

    4. A rabbit vibrator inspired by Fifty Shades that satisfies with 36 different vibrating combinations and dual motors for simultaneous external and internal stimulation.

    5. A flexible rabbit-inspired vibrator that moves with you and keeps constant contact with your clit while still hitting your G-spot.

    Model reaching for pink Nova 2 vibrator from tub

    6. A classic rabbit vibrator boasting powerful dual motors and a titillating heating function that gets up to 107 degrees F to satisfy all your needs.

    Purple rabbit vibrator

    7. A luxurious, new-and-improved version of the OG rabbit vibrator designed with seven vibrating functions and three thrusting levels for an all-around indulgent experience. You read that right, this toy thrusts. In and out. All on its own.

    Model holding purple thrusting rabbit vibrator

    Promising review: "I have never been one to orgasm multiple times in one session... It just seems that after the first it’s disappointing. But with this toy, which is my first rabbit, it just gets better and better. It hits you just right where you want it and keeps on going!" —Beyond Satisfied

    Get it from Bellesa Boutique for $179 or Amazon for $65.91.

    8. Or, a spicier version of the classic jackrabbit vibe that switches up the game with a unique heating element to make you melt all over, alongside its three thrusting modes and seven vibration settings.

    Blue thrusting rabbit vibrator

    9. The Dea by Bellesa, which reimagines the classic rabbit design to bring you toe-curling stimulation inside and out through its two delectable silicone petals.

    Model holding purple vibrator

    10. A rabbit vibrator with a clitoral tongue boasting 30 combinations to simulate an oral sensation on your clit and thrumming G-spot stimulation. Go on and get your flick on.

    Purple rabbit vibrator with tongue clitoral stimulator

    11. The Osé 2 by Lora Dicarlo, which combines intense oral simulation with a unique G-spot stimulation for a dual-stimulating sensation that may just bring you to tears.

    12. A curvy rabbit vibrator with a slender shaft to slip inside and unique rabbit "ears" that knead and massage your clitoris. Yeah, pretty sure you need this.

    13. A unique rabbit vibrator that looks a lot like this emoji: 🤌 A pair of dual motors and a curvaceous design deliver rumbly vibrations to your G-spot and clit simultaneously.

    Purple abstract rabbit vibrator next to flowers

    14. A triple-stimulating vibrator, complete with graduated anal beads, a thick internal shaft, and external rabbit "ears," so you can try to reach all your favorite spots at once.

    Pink triple-stimulating rabbit vibrator

    15. A remote-controlled rabbit vibrator, which includes a removable suction cup base, so you can set it up on the wall or anywhere else and experience some toe-curling, hands-free pleasure.

    16. A jackrabbit vibe of all trades that sucks your clit, thrusts to hit your G-spot, and radiates warmth to deliver incredible sensations all at once.

    Purple thrusting rabbit vibrator next to purple flowers

    17. An 8.5-inch rabbit vibrator boasting seven vibration modes and three pulsation functions that drum up against your G-spot. You just might nickname this toy "Thumper."

    Purple rabbit vibrator

    18. The Indulge rabbit vibrator, which is true to its name in form and function with two motors in the shaft, a thumb-inspired clitoral stimulator, five speeds, and five pulsating patterns that combine to blow your mind.

    Model holding light pink rabbit vibrator

    19. A dual-stimulating vibrator with 10 vibration settings and 11 intensities, not to mention innovative suction technology that stimulates your clit all the way to nirvana.

    the womanizer duo atop a burgundy knit beanie hat surrounded by twinkle lights and a glass of red wine

    20. A silicone rabbit vibrator constructed with synchronized beads that rotate to deliver swirling sensations in tandem with six multispeed vibration patterns.

    White and pink rabbit vibrator

    21. The Jubilee clitoral-licking butterfly, which has nothing to do with X-Men and everything to do with pleasure via dual stimulation from its nine vibration settings and 10 "licking" modes. That means it creates the kind of orgasm that makes you see fireworks.

    Pink vibrator surrounded by pink objects
    @honeyplaybox /

    Promising reviews: "Long story short, this thing had me climbing the wall LOL! Because of the suction, it is hands-free. The 'tongue' is surprisingly soft and flexible. It looked like hard plastic initially. But it definitely does the job, whether on the nipple or clit. Highly recommend." —Atalanta_J

    "I am not sure why this product doesn’t have more reviews, but oh my GOD, I just thought I’d share my personal experience. Hands down the best sex toy I’ve ever used. This made my body do things I didn’t know I was capable of. If you are considering purchasing this product, take this review as your sign to purchase. I promise you and your body will NOT regret." —Sadie

    Get it from Honey Play Box for $108.99 (available in pink and purple).

    22. The Diosa by Bellesa, a classic rabbit vibrator boasting curves for days and seven vibration settings delivered through a dual-action motor for toe-curling, body-quaking, and swearworthy behavior.

    Purple rabbit vibrator and peony
    Model holding black rabbit vibrator
    @bellesaco /, @bellesaco /

    This vibrator is 1.27 inches wide with an insertable length of 4.25 inches to help you reach those peaks. 🏔 

    Promising review: "I've made a lot of orders online through all of quarantine. A lot of retail therapy. This is *easily* the best purchase I've made. Hands down. Previously was using a ~$40 vibrator. It doesn't even compare to this. I really have no use for that one after using this. It is mind blowing. 11/10 would recommend to literally anyone. Considering an upgrade? Get this 100%. Zero regrets. Do you feel like this might be too much to spend on a vibrator? It's not. Invest in yourself. You will be so glad you did. As a single woman with two housemates and questionably thin walls, I find this is whisper quiet. It's pretty, easy to use, but, most importantly, *mind blowing*." —L.

    Get it from Bellesa Boutique for $129 (available in black and purple).

    23. A thrusting rabbit vibrator delivered straight from the heavens and designed with a fluttering wheel to stimulate your clit and 15 vibrations modes to explore. Oh, did I mention that it has an 8-inch insertable length?

    Light pink rabbit vibrator with rotating wheel

    24. A sleek and sophisticated rabbit vibe designed with a curved shaft to stimulate your G-spot and 10 modes of vibration for a luxury, dual-stimulating experience.

    Model holding red rabbit vibrator

    25. A rabbit vibrator reimagined with a fluttering tongue for external stimulation and 10 vibration settings in both the shaft and "tongue" to help deliver those dual-blended orgasms.

    How you'll look after your first session with one of these rabbit.

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