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    What Happens When Clueless Guys Design Their Girlfriends’ “Ideal” Outfit

    "Your fantasy isn't a stripper, it's Taylor Swift."

    We had three somewhat ignorant boyfriends design a fashion makeover for their girlfriends with the help of celebrity stylist Lindsay Albanese. The results were stunning.

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    Safiya usually likes to dress trendy on a budget.

    But her boyfriend Tyler was looking to give her a more classic, elegant look.

    Jen usually dresses eccentric and hip, with lots of loose-fitting pieces.

    However, her boyfriend Steven wanted Jen to try something tighter and more formfitting. He sent Lindsay lots of photos of Taylor Swift.

    Aurora likes to wear jeans with simple tops for a casual, comfortable look. Did we mention that Aurora is six months pregnant?

    But her husband Ify loves Kanye and thought it would be fun if she dressed "pregnant elegant." Like Kim Kardashian.

    Lindsay got to work and the transformations began!

    Check out their stunning makeovers! Safiya rocked a tiara and ballroom gloves.

    Jen traded her rocker boots for red pumps and a skirt.

    And Aurora SLAYED in a glamorous black dress.

    The boyfriends. Were. Stunned.

    In the end, they gained a new perspective and were able to see themselves through their partner's eyes: beautiful and perfect no matter what they're wearing.