10 Unassailable Reasons Tacos Are And Always Will Be Better Than Burritos

My favorite food is better than your favorite food. Come at me, bro!

1. Tacos are a pure expression of flavor.

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Because of the way they’re built, burritos are naturally divided into layers of ingredients. In a taco you get every ingredient in every bite

2. You can apply salsa once to the whole dang taco.

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Pouring salsa from a little cup before every bite is a total messy drag, man

3. Tacos allow for an incredible diversity of flavor in a single meal.

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Tacos are a tasting menu, and burritos are a big bowl of porridge

4. You can bedazzle your taco like a smartphone case at a kiosk in the mall.

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In this simile, pickled onions are pink rhinestones

5. Nobody is gonna put french fries in a taco.

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The California Burrito is an abomination - if I wanted soggy potatoes in the middle of my meal I would have microwaved some tater tots.

6. Tacos allow one ingredient to shine without rice, beans, and/or lettuce as a distraction.

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Just say no to mushy filler, twice-fried legumes, and wilted greenery.

7. Handmade tortillas.

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A good tortilla is a unique pleasure, and with all the mess in a burrito you never get the opportunity to taste it.

8. You can eat a taco with just one hand.

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Which leaves the other hand free to do all sorts of fun things, like drive*.

  • Actually, don’t do that.

9. You can have one taco as a snack or three for a meal, but there’s no such thing as a burrito appetizer.

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If you do eat burritos as appetizers, you may need to think about your life choices.

10. Price.

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You can walk up to a taco truck with a $5 bill, order three tacos with three different meats, put three different salsas on top, and leave full with change in your pocket.

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