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Most Adorable Puppy Ever Gets Death Threats From One Direction Fans

What happens when some pop star and his girlfriend lovingly adopt a cute little guy like this? INSANITY ON TWITTER.

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One Direction's Liam Payne recently adopted this pup, named Loki, with girlfriend Danielle Peazer. He posted this pic on Twitter only to have some die-hard fans flip the eff out.

According to Metro UK:

"Fearing the little pup would steal Liam’s attention from them, his adoring fans immediately flew into a green-eyed rage, some even wishing death on him. One wrote: ‘The dog is not going to see tomorrow if i can help it…u were supposed to come back for me liam.’

While another said: ‘I am outraged and appalled f***ing Loki the dog! That dog ain’t nothing but the scum on my shoe.’"

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