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14 Things That Happen When You Find A Cockroach In Your Apartment

Burn. The. House. Down.

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1. You come home one night from the bar and find THIS waiting at home for you.

Nickelodeon / Via

Unfortunately they're not that cute in real life

This is the demon that has moved in.

2. You're instantly paralyzed with fear.

NBC / Via

3. You engage in an endless staring contest with the creature.

Produzioni Europee / Via

Who will make the first move?

4. You realize you have no cockroach spray or traps to kill the beast.

BBC / Via

Your fight or flight response kicks in.

5. You decide to try and trap it with a plastic cup.

MGM / Via


6. You tiptoe towards it...

Disney / Via

...But all of a sudden it scurries away under your fridge.

Revolution Studios / Via

You may have won the battle, but the war has just begun

7. You consider burning down your apartment.

Tumblr / Via

This seems like the most viable option

8. You decide to keep it together and get spray and traps in the morning.

Disney / Via

9. After a sleepless night you head to the drug store to gear up for the ensuing standoff.

NBC / Via

Game on.

10. You buy the most powerful stuff you can find.

Disney / Via


11. You walk back into your apartment and ITS ON THE COUNTER

The Apatow Company / Via

12. KILL IT.

13. After spraying it for a good 15 seconds it stops moving.

20th Century Fox / Via

14. Victory is sweet...

AMC / Via

Rest easy for now

...Until next time

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