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    Posted on Jun 18, 2015

    20 Exciting Green Tea Recipes To Try

    Motivation to get back into the kitchen!

    1. Matcha-Almond Génoise Layer Cake

    SprinkleBakes / Via

    In all its glory. Recipe here.

    2. White Chocolate Matcha Brownies

    chocolate+connie / Via

    Those bites, though. Recipe here.

    3. Matcha Mint Chip Ice Cream

    BojonGourmet / Via

    Summer has truly arrived. Recipe here.

    4. Chocolate Matcha Butter Cups

    KeepinItKind / Via

    If you want to switch it up from the usual PB. Recipe here.

    5. Green Tea Mille-Crepes

    zencancook / Via

    Layers upon layers (not the kind ogres are made of!) Recipe here.

    6. Matcha Green Tea and Meyer Lemon Mochi Cake

    feastie / Via

    Fancy. Recipe here.

    7. No-Bake Matcha and Oreo Tart

    msihua / Via

    No oven? No problem! Recipe here.

    8. Green Tea Frappuccino Bars

    CanellaVita / Via

    Your Starbucks drink in a bite! Recipe here.

    9. Buttermilk Matcha Rolls with Black Sesame Cinnamon Filling

    lejusdorange / Via

    A circle maze of gooey goodness. Recipe here.

    10. Green Tea and Strawberry Cupcakes with Custard Filling

    Une-DeuxSenses / Via

    Mmm...what more can I say? Recipe here.

    11. Matcha Green Tea Donuts

    ABeautifulMess / Via

    Donuts can be different, too. Recipe here.

    12. Matcha Green Tea Shortbread Cookie Dough

    DessertsWithBenefits / Via

    Where's my spoon? Recipe here.

    13. Matcha and Avocado Popsicles Dipped in White Chocolate

    letsdrinktea / Via

    Cooling comfort. Recipe here.

    14. Matcha Truffles with White Chocolate and Cocoa Powder

    dirtythekitchen / Via

    Definitely for the sweet tooth. Recipe here.

    15. Matcha Meringue Kisses

    HungryCravings / Via

    In cute little bites! Recipe here.

    16. Matcha Creme Caramel

    andresthehomebaker / Via

    SWEET! Recipe here.

    17. Strawberry Basil Green Tea Popsicles

    HealthyApple / Via

    It's fruity. It's healthy. Recipe here.

    18. Green Tea Cream Puffs

    zencancook / Via

    Surprise filling! Recipe here.

    19. Green Tea Sprinkles

    cupcakeproject / Via

    If you need to add a little extra! Recipe here.

    20. Matcha Cucumber Lemonade

    DailyBurn / Via

    ...And to wash it all down! Recipe here.

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