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16 Reasons "Grease 2" Is Better Than The Original

The most under-appreciated sequel in movie history is actually amazing.

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1. There are motorbikes instead of cars.

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Cool riders are so much better than greased lightnings.

2. The Pink Ladies Pledge.

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"The Pink Ladies Pledge: to act cool, to look cool and to be cool. 'Til death do us part - think pink!"

3. Choreographed basketball dancing.

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Decades before Zac Efron ever tried it in High School Musical.

4. Feminist progress.

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In Grease 2, the boy changes in order to get the girl, rather than the girl changing her identity to please the boy.

5. This comedic power couple.

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Principal McGee and Blanche are in fine form for the sequel.

6. Frenchie is back and even more hopeless.

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She's gone back to study chemistry so she can mix her own cosmetics. Hilarity ensues.

7. Paulette.

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She's sexy and she can bowl like a pro.

8. The whole bowling scene is amazing.

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We're gonna score tonight!

9. Johnny is a loveable wanker.

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You love to hate him and hate to love him.

10. Michelle Pfeiffer has all the right moves.

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All she wants is a cool rider, is that too much to ask?

11. There is an entire song about reproduction.

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And yes, those hand gestures imitate a sperm penetrating an egg.

12. The love-story is totally like Romeo and Juliet.

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And road safety doesn't appear to be an issue.

13. The T-Birds are more suave than ever.

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Walk, talk like a T-Bird.

14. Stephanie's emotional breakdown.

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She thinks Michael is dead so she interrupts the talent show with a ballad. Drama!

15. The chemistry, oh the chemistry!

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And yes, that is a luau in the background.

16. Bowling nuns!

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Need I say more?

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