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    Top Ten Rising Stars That Hail From The Canadian Prairies

    There is something about them prairies, specifically Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Although they've packed their bags and moved to bigger cities, there is still sky in their eyes as these ten multi-talented stars shine bright on the silver screen as well as behind the scenes.



    You may say she's a star that's already risen but we think she's just getting warmed up. Orphan Black's, Tatiana Maslany of Regina, Saskatchewan will have a street named after her in one of the provinces capitol's newest developments. With her big break in Kate Melville's "Picture Day" Tatiana befriended Canadian viewers in a way that made us feel like we could text her. She grew up dancing, doing community theatre and excelling in improv graduating from Dr. Martin LeBoldus High School in 2003.


    CBC / Via

    Elyse Levesque, also from Regina, Saskatchewan began acting at age 11 when she had her start with The Incredible Story Studio. We can't wait to see this beauty star as an ambitious young newspaper journalist in the CBC's upcoming political thriller "Shoot the Messenger " alongside Alex Kingston, Lyriq Bent, and Lucas Bryant scheduled to air summer 2016.


    Although a seasoned actor, Nadia Litz , is very much on the rise with her growing number of skills that she brings to her career behind the camera directing, writing and producing acclaimed works. Of Winnipeg, Manitoba, this award winning actor of Polish, Russian and British descent moved to Toronto at age 17. A CFC Directing Alumnus, she mesmerized us with her debut feature Hotel Congress, in which she also starred in. We are patiently awaiting the release of her newest film "The People Garden" featuring Canadian legend Pamela Anderson.


    Born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan, this Vancouver based actor still evokes a prairie charm. Alex Arsenault of Caprica (Syfy), Supernatural (CW), and Fairly Legend (USA network), shines in his craft that he studies at the East End Actor's Studio. We still liked him best in the Indie Horror Hit "Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil". Also a star of many talents, he co-founded his own theatre company in Calgary, Alberta called the Newborn Theatre Collective. We would sure line up to get tickets.


    Hannah Anderson of Winnipeg, Manitoba is an actor on the brink of something big. This year she landed a supporting lead in the feature film Love of My Life, set for release in 2016 alongside stars John Hannah, James Fleet, and Anna Chancellor. You will also catch her in the CBC Political Thriller Shoot the Messenger along with our #2, Elyse. Hannah has had a busy year as she has also written, produced and co-directed with Aidan Shipley (Boxing, TIFF 2015 official selection) the short film Comeback in memory of actor/filmmaker Kent Nolan of Regina who passed away in September 2014. 10% of funds raised from the current IndieGoGo campaign will be donated to Class Act Studios, a trust fund in Kent's name to financially assist children with interest in the arts in his hometown in Saskatchewan.


    Brett Donahue of Winnipeg, Manitoba is another one to watch out for. He studied acting at The University of Manitoba before he moved to Montreal to develop his craft at the acclaimed National Theatre School. After moving to Toronto and continuing his bright career in the theatre, he landed several television appearances on shows such as The Republic of Doyle (2013) and Suits (2013). He was the leading man in the darling indie film Barn Wedding (2014) that won the People's Choice Award at Canadian Film Fest and is set for wide release. He is also flexing his producing muscles and the star of Hannah Anderson's (#5!) short Comeback.


    If you haven't heard already, "My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2" shot in Toronto this summer and is in the can! Nia Vardalos is on an up. This insanely talented writer, director, producer and actor may also be an American but she born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba to Greek-Candian parents. Her stars are definitely rising. Though her world famous film "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" based on a stage play she wrote and starred in, will always have a place in our hearts, our arms are wide open for whatever brilliance she will come up with next.



    Jonas Chernick is another multi-talented machine. Writing, producing and starring in Borealis a feature film currently on the festival circuit and hitting theatres nation wide in early 2016. He also co-wrote and starred in Lucid (2005 TIFF Official Selection) and Inertia (2001 TIFF Official Selection). With continuous TV appearances to add to his list of acclaimed projects, Jonas' career is sure to only snowball into a bigger and bigger beast. Oh, and he's also from Winnipeg. Prairies man, something about 'em.



    Although currently a California resident, this Canadian comedy queen hails from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Mara Marini mostly known for her part on TV in Parks and Recreation and Canad's Schitt's Creek, she is continuously acting in acclaimed theatre shows in the Los Angeles theatre scene. With comedic chops like hers, we're sure to see her in countless classics in the future.


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    You may remember him as young boy in Legends of the Fall but David Kaye, of Saskatoon was nowhere near his peak. Living in Vancouver, he has founded a production company Whiskaye Films and is a producer for a variety of content including feature films in development. It's hard to say what will come from David next, whether a smart commercial, music video or role in a film, but it's clear to say that it will be good.