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The Top 13 Pro-Life Moments Of 2013

There were more groundbreaking moments than levels of Candy Crush but here are 13 of our favorites.

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3. The Latest CDC Report Showed 3.1% Drop in Abortions.

According to the CDC’s “Abortion Surveillance,” there were 765,651 abortions reported to the government agency by state health departments for 2010. What we do see with the latest report is a drop of 3.1% from the totals of 2009, which were already a drop of 4.6% from the 2008 surveillance report.

4. The trial of abortionist Kermit Gosnell drew attention to the cruelty of late abortions and the abuses of the abortion industry.

In May, Gosnell was convicted of 3 counts of first-degree murder and 1 count of involuntary manslaughter.

9. The 43rd annual National Right to Life Convention was held in Dallas, Texas.

Speakers included Sen. Ted Cruz, Gov. Rick Perry, Attorney Gen. Greg Abbott, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, Reggie Littlejohn, Wesley Smith, O. Carter Snead and Chet McDoniel.

10. That same week, Gov. Perry called for a special legislative session to pass the Texas Preborn Pain Bill (HB 2).

(A previous attempt to pass the bill failed after the notorious filibuster by pro-abortion state Sen. Wendy Davis.)

13. With its disastrous roll-out, the pro-abortion Obama health care law hit new lows in public opinion polls.

By an overwhelming margin, 55% of voters believe Obamacare is bad for the country versus only 35% who believe the law is good for the country. (Rasmussen, Nov. 2013)