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    • nathenm

      you knowiwasawrestler up until may 2012 andiwas attacked by another wrestler because he thoughtiwas supposed to go to the gym just like him andiwas too overweight and not training right. it doesnt matter wether its weight, race, religion, whatever,people our country asawhole cannot and will not move forward together if we keep letting petty differences like these get between what if shesabigger lady than othersibet she is happy and who the heck is rex reed to judge her. Rex brother you should worry bout yourself and less about others and if all you have to do is gripe about howalady looks or whatever petty thing you might be thinking about then brotherifeel sorry for you because you haveasmall way of thinking and an even smaller world.Ipray for you and hope you learn to judge not others brother it can and will bite you in the butt. Nathen M. in Rockwood,Tennessee. Kudos Mellisa you areawonderful actress and lovely lady keep up the good work and me and mine look forward to watching you in more comedies throughout your career.

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