One Quote That Changed The Way I Make Decisions

Thoughts on Matthew 6:34

1. I’ve never made a major life decision that looked like this.

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2. Making major life decisions has always looked more like this.

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3. Where should I even be looking? What panel is most important? Is that beeping normal?

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4. Listen, I’ll make this quick. The beeping you hear is normal. And if your life is currently a confusing mess, then you’re… a human. It’s that way for all of us.

5. Your major life decisions probably won’t look much like this.

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6. Instead, my dad always taught me that our life decisions are made up of our daily choices. A twist here, a turn there. A little nudge here.

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7. And life itself is a stream of these hectic moments where you learn to focus on one thing at a time.

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8. Even as a thousand things pull at my attention, I must focus on one.

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9. In short, I must learn to look selectively.

10. I must look selectively at the emails in my inbox. At the items on my to-do list. At my calendar.

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11. I have to learn to look at life one day at a time.

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12. Jesus understood this. This is what He said in Matthew 6:34.

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13. I may or may not make any “big” choices today. But each day I believe the biggest choice I can make is to live in this moment and to trust Him with all else.

14. If you’re overwhelmed today, remember His words. You can’t take it all on right now. You need to take this one day at a time. You can do this.

15. Read the context here.

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