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    7 Emotional Stages Of Stepping On A Lego Brick

    How could you, tiny friend?

    1. SHOCK - as a searing pain shoots through your leg, you wonder what could be the source of such agony

    Eraxion / Via ThinkStock

    2. ANXIETY - as you hop on one foot, you wonder just how bad the damage to your body is.

    Nathan W. Pyle / Via

    3. CONFUSION - you reach down and are bewildered to find that instead of a poisonous sea anemone, it's merely a small plastic block, innocently resting on the carpet.

    Staras / Via ThinkStock

    4. PANIC - like the noble hedgehog, you roll into a ball, turning your spiky back to the world and shielding your feet from the danger.

    luamduan / Via ThinkStock

    5. HEARTSICKNESS - you fondly remember the good old days, the time right before you stepped on the Lego brick.

    Prazis / Via ThinkStock

    6. WISTFULNESS - you yearn for the simple joys of soft carpet on your bare feet, a joy now tainted by fear of sudden betrayal.

    BWFolsom / George Doyle / Via ThinkStock

    7. DETERMINATION - you set your mind to finding a creative solution, a salve for this heartache of yours.

    MariaDubova / BWFolsom / Via ThinkStock

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