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20 Emojis All Texans Wish Existed

As suggested by the BuzzFeed community!

We're asking members of the BuzzFeed Community what new emojis should be created for their state. Here are the results for Texas!

1. The Lone Star Flag

2. Whataburger

3. Bluebonnet

4. Alamo

5. Armadillo

6. Dr. Pepper

7. 85 MPH Speed Limit Sign

8. Big Tex

9. Blue Bell Ice Cream

10. Beyoncé

11. Selena

12. Queso

13. H.E.B.

14. Shiner Bock

15. Taco

16. Brisket

17. Oil Derrick

18. Boots

19. Homecoming Mum

20. And Texas-Shaped Everything

Thanks for your suggestions, Texas!

Want to see new emojis for your state? Add to the list of suggestions here.