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    10 Reasons Why This Corgi Will Steal Your Heart

    Monty is a 11 year-old Tricolor Pembroke Corgi, rescued from a shelter in Georgia. We take full advantage of the pet friendly office at Buzzfeed Minneapolis (much to the delight of co-workers).

    1. He knows how to air swim 🏊

    2. He'll laugh at your jokes πŸ˜†

    3. He'll gladly finish your bacon 🍴

    4. He's always one step ahead πŸƒ

    5. He helps read the fine print πŸ‘“

    6. Even in a blizzard he will lead the way ❄️

    7. He's an expert at playing hide-and-seek πŸ”

    8. He's a rockstar 😎

    9. He's ready for Halloween πŸ‡

    10. He'll eat your unwanted chicken feet πŸ”