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    12 Pictures Of Portland During Snow

    On February 6, 2014, Portland received between 3 and 3.5 inches of snow, a particularly notable amount for the city. Many in the city are calling it a snowpocalypse.

    Highway 84 starts to slow down.

    Rose Quarter MAX stop.

    Crossing the Steel Bridge.

    At this point, you can't even see the Willamette.


    Traffic Everywhere.

    (Though it doesn't look that bad here)

    Snow makes Portland look like it popped out of a modern-fairy tale.

    Snow on the ground outside of Voodoo Donuts means no line. Get your donuts now!

    Because what would a post about Portland be without a Trimet bus?

    Snow outside Powell's Books!

    I guess someone was done with their coffee? Or maybe they planned to come back and finish it after it chilled a bit.

    NW Everett Street, empty and dusted with snow as it gets darker out.

    For more pictures, click through to my personal blog or check Twitter for #pdxsnow.

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