Why You Should Get Involved With Young Americans For Freedom In 2014

The Conservative Movement starts here!

1. Ronald Reagan loved YAF!

Hey kid, you should join YAF!

2. You will make new like-minded friends.

By joining a YAF group, starting a YAF group, or attending a YAF conference, you’ll have an opportunity to meet like-minded peers!

3. You can attend conferences where you can learn conservative principles!

Learn more about YAF conferences here: http://www.yaf.org/Conservative-Conferences.aspx

5. Someone needs to call out liberals on their hypocrisy

YAF hosts the annual GPA Redistribution Video Contest to ask your peers what they would think about taking a few points off of their hard earned GPAs and giving it to students that are failing. Check out last year’s winning video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T29ouYzwVws

6. We’re all tired of liberal professors trying to tell us that socialism works and that global warming is the world’s greatest threat.

7. Involvement in YAF is a great way to show that you are smarter than your liberal peers.

8. When standing out as a conservative, you’ll annoy your liberal peers and professors.

9. You’ll be able to show how awesome the Founding Fathers were.

10. It is always fun to stand up for the Second Amendment.

11. Someone needs to tell Obama to quit spending our money.

The Obama administration is spending money they don’t have, and our generation is going to have to foot the bill!

12. Obama told us that we could keep our healthcare if we liked it.

Our generation is going to foot the bill for Obamacare, so it is up to us to hold Obama accountable.

13. It is frustrating having friends that still believe in Obama’s hope and change.

14. It is awesome when you convince a friend that conservatism is amazing!

15. Use your leadership skills to make a difference on your campus.


16. You can host a conservative speaker on campus.

YAF offers students the chance to host dozens of different leaders in the conservative movement on their campuses. To see the whole list: http://www.yaf.org/conservativespeakers.aspx

17. Discover that it is easier to find a full-time position in the Conservative Movement because you have shown your commitment to conservatism.

When looking for a career in conservative politics and the Conservative Movement, your involvement in YAF can really help! Along with being involved on campus, The National Journalism Center (NJC) offers students opportunities to get first-hand journalism experience in Washington DC. Learn more about NJC here: http://www.yaf.org/NationalJournalismCenter.aspx

18. YAF offers numerous opportunities to visit Ronald Reagan’s Ranch.

YAF has numerous opportunities to visit Rancho Del Cielo, Reagan’s home for over 20 years.

19. YAF Chapters remember those who died on 9/11 with the Never Forget Project.

On high schools and college campuses across the country, students will place 2,977 American flags to remember those who died on 9/11/01 terrorist attacks.

20. With YAF you get to tear down a mock Berlin Wall.

Celebrate the fall of communism during Freedom Week. YAF Chapters commemorate the the fall of the Berlin wall by building a mock Berlin Wall, spray painting it, and tearing it down! Learn more about the event here: http://www.yaf.org/eventdetails.aspx?id=7160

21. Most importantly, you’ll have a lot of fun celebrating freedom!

22. Now it is your turn to fight back!

The Conservative Movement starts here, and to learn more, visit yaf.org

23. Thank you for reading!

I hope this encouraged you to get involved with Young Americans for Freedom!
Start your YAF chapter now by visiting http://www.yaf.org/innerpagewireframe.aspx?pageid=10788

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