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    • nates18

      Quick question? was she born in America? cause if so, whats with all this “blah blah”-American shit? I mean, are the other contestants referred to as European-American…cause they’re not AMERICAN if they wanna make the “Heritage” argument. Seriously, if someone is born on American soil, or by American blood…they’re fucking AMERICAN. African-American, Asian-American, Indian-American (first time i heard that one) no it’s all crap, either you’re American, or you’re not, you can’t be half of a cultural mixing pot. (I’m not an avid fighter of this kinda stuff, I’m really not. but the fact that people can be so uneducated about this is alarming) Seriously, if some people have to open their mouths and let shit like this flow out, go be an ignorant bigot in another country, because real Americans don’t have time for your stupid racist shit!

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