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    • nateg4

      Just about nothing you’ve said it true, and in fact, with most of what you’ve said the OPPOSITE is true. Drugs are damaging, but imagine how much MORE damaging they’d be if they were as easy to get and promoted as patriotic like guns are?  Also, there’s not a study outside of the NRA website that backs up any of the other claims you’ve made in regards to lenient gun laws in any other country, or more strict gun laws not being effective. While better education and safety are important, so are getting 300,000,000 guns and counting under control.  This is a people problem. A people with too much access to guns problem in a culture that glorifies violence and makes celebrities out of mass murderers. All the other tired, and easily disproven clichés are just head-slappingly stupid at this point…  You might want to get better material than what the NRA has been shoving down your throat for years and years, that’s all about blow up in your faces…