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12 Wearables That Prove We're Living In The Freakin' Future

Welcome to the era of the smart bra.

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1. This anti-sunburn wristband by Sunfriend.

Sunfriend / Via sunfriend.com

Doesn't this just look like California...in the 1990s?

But this wristband by Sunfriend is not just another gimmicky toy, because it won the NASA design contest. The wristband monitors your UV intake and it alerts you when you reached your limit so that you can actually avoid getting a sunburn. And it works for all different skin colors and types.

Cost: $49.99

2. This smart bra that can monitor your heart rate.

Sensoria Fitness / Via youtube.com

Sensoria makes smart bras that monitor your heart rate, fitness levels, and wellness with sensors that are embedded in the fabric. They also make smart socks (yes, such a thing does exist) and smart tees for guys. But there's a down side. It's only available for purchase outside the United States.

Cost: $149.00

3. These anti-hacker smart jeans that are protected by Norton Antivirus.

betabrand.com / Via Betabrand

Although digital pickpockets haven't been a huge concern for most people, it is relatively easy for hackers to steal your credit card information with cheap scanning devices or even an iPhone.

The problem is not widespread at this point, but it could be an issue in the near future. These jeans by Betabrand protect your cards by blocking wireless signals, so the RFID chips become unreadable.

Cost: $168.00

4. These Nike Hyperdunk shoes that help you become a better basketball player.

KickGenius / Via youtube.com

These shoes are paired with sensors that transmit data to your iPhone via Bluetooth. It measures a bunch of things like how many inches you've jumped off the ground and how many times you've jumped so that you can improve your game.

Nike even has another version—called Nike Hyper Workout—that will tell you what you're doing right or wrong in your workout routines. Sort of like a personal trainer.

Cost: $74.00—$185.00

5. This SmartWallet that will track stolen or lost wallets.

SmartWallet / Via indiegogo.com

This wallet is built with a GPS tracker, which is a great idea. Whenever your wallet goes out of range from the last place you've left it, you'll receive an alert on your phone. The only negative is that it can solely track your wallet's location up to a 50—150 foot radius, so if it ends up in China, you're shit out of luck. The kicker? This smart wallet can even charge your phone for up to four hours.

Cost: $99.00—$115.00

6. This smart bag by Holger that charges your electronic devices.

Holger Bags / Via holgerbags.com

These handbags are made in Europe (obviously) and they're designed to look classy and vintage. But unlike traditional purses, the bags double as a portable power station. One bag has enough power to charge your smart phones up to two times while you're out or it can charge your tablet once.

Cost: $214.00—$267.00

7. This sensor by Valedo that strengthens muscles and alleviates back pain.

Valedo / Via valedotherapy.com

The sensor attaches to your back and it comes with a video game that teaches you exercises to train away back pain. The sensors monitor the accuracy, smoothness, and precision of your movements. You'll learn all about the mistakes you're making while exercising, so it's sort of like having a virtual physical therapist.

Cost: $359.00

8. This "watch" by Kapture records audio from the last 60 seconds of your conversation.

Kapture / Via kickstarter.com

This is basically the audio version of the infamous Russian dashcam, except you wear it on your wrist. Let's face it, sometimes you want to record someone's mean and hateful diatribe to shame them on the internet, but you just don't have time to pull out your phone. If you're wearing Kapture, all you have to do is tap the device and it will save the last minute of your conversation.

Cost: $150.00

9. This hoodie by T-Ware that simulates the feeling of a hug whenever you're stressed.

T-Ware / Via mytjacket.com

Okay, this may seem sort of strange at first, since real hugs are obviously better. But this was created to help autistic children and sufferers of PTSD who may have difficulties with touch. The hoodie simulates different pressures that you can control on a phone app, so it's sort of like a personal, wearable massager.

Cost: $299.00—$599.00

10. This motorcycle helmet by Skully that helps you navigate.

Skully / Via indiegogo.com

This smart helmet is enabled with a digital head-up display that will show you step-by-step directions to your destination. There's also a rear-facing camera that will eliminate dangerous blind spots that have plagued motorcyclists. Plus, you can even stream phone calls and music. It's sort of like Google Glass specifically made for bikers.

Cost: $1,399.00

11. These galvanic skin response sensor wristbands that measure your emotional responses based on how much you sweat.

Sam Cossman / Via youtube.com

Adventurer Sam Cossman wore the sensors by Shimmer Research and Sensum on a somewhat crazy but important expedition to an active volcano. Cossman told Bloomerg that the data collected from the emotional sensors were "all over the map." Near the volcano, he had peaks of excitement, nervousness, and stress.

The adventurer also wore a special suit that can withstand radiant temperatures up to 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit. This allowed him to get close enough to take ground zero lava samples for NASA so that they can better understand how microbial life thrives in harsh environments.

Cost: $439.55

12. This smartphone controlled LED vest by Party NYC that will turn your pet into a "disco dog."

Party NYC / Via kickstarter.com

OKAY, so it's kind of strange to light up your dog like a freaking Christmas tree, but this raver accessory does have some practical uses. The vest makes it easier for drivers to notice your dog at night, but the funniest feature is its tracking ability. Whenever your dog wanders too far, the words "LOST DOG" will stream on the vest, lol.

Cost: $300-$400

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