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10 Amazing Photos Of The Human Body Under A Microscope

Some of these photos are artistic, others are terrifying.

Colin Salter's new book, Science is Beautiful (Batsford, 2015), shows us some amazing images of the human body under a microscope. When the photos are colorized they look like masterpieces of art. Check them out below:

1. This is what bone marrow making blood looks like.

2. And these are our lung cells.

3. These are adrenaline crystals.

4. And these crystals are serotonin.

5. This is a balancing stone from our inner ear.

6. These are insulin crystals.

7. This is what human skin really looks like up close.

8. This is what melatonin looks like.

9. These are fat cells that have been emptied.

10. This is a a bacteriophage.

Reprinted with permission from Science is Beautiful © 2014 by Batsford, an imprint of Pavilion Books Company Limited.