18 Science Facts You Believed In The 1990s That Are Now Totally Wrong

    The 1990s had better music, but it was a more primitive time. Science is a constantly changing endeavor.

    1. "Dinosaurs died off because of a volcano."

    2. "There's a lot of genetic difference between the races."

    3. "There are only nine planets that exist."

    4. "This is what dinosaurs looked like:"

    5. "Modern humans didn't evolve in Africa."

    6. "Neanderthals were dumbasses."

    7. "Neanderthals didn't exist at the same time as humans."

    8. "Neanderthals didn't have sex with humans. Gross."

    9. "Earth might be the only place where water exists."

    10. "Humans and chimps split around 4–6 million years ago."

    11. "Complex organisms like humans have more genes than simple organisms like an amoeba."

    12. "King Tut was murdered."

    13. "The universe is slowing down."

    14. "Birds are not that clever."

    15. "Ulcers are caused by stress."

    16. "The universe is 13.73 billion years old."

    17. "Black holes don't exist near young stars."

    18. "Pluto is a planet."