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14 Fascinating X-Rays That Will Change The Way You Look At The Human Body

Normal things like kissing and handshakes suddenly look really creepy. Artwork by Hugh Turvey, artist in residence at the British Institute of Radiology. These pieces were made using X-ray equipment, shadow photography techniques, hand colorization, and other manipulations.

1. How much padding do you really need not to break those delicate wrists? A boxing glove does not seem like enough protection.

2. Yeah, yeah, stilettos are STILL fashionable and somehow they'll never go out of style, but when you see how it distorts your foot, it's clear why those heels cause foot pain. Ouch.

3. Don't pretend you haven't done this at least once in your life, but from this perspective nose-picking seems a bit absurd.

4. Can you even tell where the breast cancer tumor is? Instead of a horrific growth, it starts off so small and inconspicuous.

5. A handshake looks more intimate.

6. Water is one of the building blocks of life, but when you see it like this, it just seems so insignificant.

7. Clothes and skin suddenly seem so transparent and fragile.

8. Those high-tech cell phones look like empty, simple shells in comparison to the intricate human body.

9. But flowers are still just as stunning.

10. What does back pain look like? Turvey's added-in colorization shows us how back pain radiates throughout your body.

11. We've all seen devastating pictures of mouth cancer, but it looks like nothing when you see it like this.

12. This is just a normal family touristy picture in Paris, but it will give you the chills.

13. We've all seen a skull before, but those hexagons make this person's head look like a soccer ball.

14. How romantic is kissing, really?

This post has been updated to clarify that these images are digitally altered artworks based on X-rays.