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What's The Creepiest Place That You've Ever Traveled To?

Descriptions of family dinners do not count.

We've all been to a place that just didn't seem "right." You know, against all logic and reason, it just gave you really bad vibes.

ValterCunha / Via Getty Images

This is just a normal dilapidated building, but you just know somebody was murdered up in there.

Or maybe you purposely chose to go to an uninviting place, because you're dark and adventurous like that.

FX / Via

And then you instantly regretted it afterward and got the hellz out of there.

Maybe that creepy as hell place was "Snake Island" in Brazil.

Prefeitura Municipal Itanhaém / Via Flickr: governomunicipaldeitanhaem

The island is literally uninhabitable, because there are venomous snakes EVERYWHERE.

According to a sketchy urban legend, the last — and only — people who lived on the island were a lighthouse keeper and his family. Until the snakes snuck into their house and KILLED THEM ALL. We're not sure if the story is true or not, but there is an abandoned, decaying lighthouse on the island that looks creepy as hell.

Or maybe you were brave enough to check out this spooky, abandoned ghost town in Centralia, Pennsylvania.

Scott Drzyzga / Via Flickr: sadrzy

Centralia used to be a lively, vibrant coal-mining town all the way back in 1841. Until a terrible fire destroyed the borough in 1962. But here's the weird thing — the fire never went out and it continues to burn today.

And maybe you could even get through a night alone in this abandoned insane asylum on this deserted Italian island.

Marco Secchi / Getty Images

In the 1920s, an insane asylum was built in Poveglia, off the coast of Venice. Lobotomies and all kinds of horrific outdated experiments were performed, until it was shut down in 1968 and the island was closed off to the public.

Now it's your turn to tell us about the creepiest place you've been to, and the spookiest stories will be featured in a BuzzFeed post!

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