21 Wild Revelations From Will Smith's Interview With Oprah, From The Breakdown Of His First Marriage To Doing Ayahuasca To Help His Relationship With Jada Pinkett Smith

    "I saw Jada as soil, and I saw me as a seed."

    Last night, ahead of the publication of his autobiography and the release of King Richard, Will Smith's interview with Oprah hit Apple TV+ — and boy, was it informative.

    So, here are just some of the biggest revelations from Will's talk with Oprah:

    1. First, Will said that he feels like he has failed the women in his life for his "inaction" against his abusive father.

    Will poses on a red carpet with his son Jaden as a toddler and father

    2. And it was the death of his father in 2016 that allowed him to be more open about his life.

    Will and his father in suits at a red carpet event

    3. Will had never spoken to his mother about how he processed his parents' relationship until he read her a chapter of his book, eight weeks before his interview with Oprah.

    Will and his mother on the red carpet

    4. It was acting that allowed Will to process both the "blessing" and the "pain" of his father's character.

    5. Comedy allowed Will to traverse the "racial divide" — and he even once saw a man with a swastika tattoo laughing to Men in Black.

    Will and Tommy Lee Jones holding weapons in a scene from Men In Black

    6. Will once got called the n-word by a police officer.

    7. After not paying his taxes early in his career and owing about a million dollars, the government seized Will's cars and home, and he hit "rock bottom."

    8. Will spent a night in jail, shortly after winning his first Grammy, after his bodyguard punched someone.

    A young will in a Philadelphia Sixers baseball cap

    9. Quincy Jones convinced Will to do an acting audition for the head of NBC at his birthday party — despite Will never having acted before. The end result was The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

    Will as the Fresh Prince

    10. Michael Bay originally wanted Will to do the running scene in Bad Boys completely shirtless, which Will objected to — and compromised by wearing a shirt completely open. Now Will thinks Michael was right.

    Will running in Bad Boy in jeans and an open shirt

    11. The only time that Will's manager has hung up on him was when he asked why I Am Legend had earned $77 million dollars over it's opening weekend in the US, and not $80 million — despite that making it the biggest non-Christmas December opening ever.

    Will Smith poses on the red carpet with the dog from I Am Legend

    12. During his divorce from his first wife, Sheree Zampino, Quincy Jones advised Will to give her half of everything and move on.

    13. Will's daughter, Willow, identified a similar problem with his attitude to relationships that had led to the demise of his first marriage.

    14. Will said that his father's alcoholism and abuse shaped how he approached money in his own family.

    Will poses at an event with his three children and wife Jada

    15. The early days of Will's relationship with Jada Pinkett Smith involved drinking and having sex multiple times a day for "four months straight."

    16. Will originally didn’t want to separate from Jada.

    17. But he said that he and Jada never "officially" separated.

    The couple posing on a red carpet

    18. When asked if he and Jada have sex with other partners, Will said that the couple's "love in freedom" approach is difficult to explain to people.

    19. And emphasized that he doesn't have a "sexual goal" in his open relationship with Jada.

    20. Will didn't find the "entanglement" Red Table Talk episode hard to do.

    21. Finally, Will said that doing ayahuasca in Peru was his "most expansive experience" and was crucial in his relationship with Jada.

    You can watch the full episode of The Oprah Conversation with Will Smith on Apple TV+.