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    Peter Weber Said How Involved "The Bachelor" Producers Are With All The Kisses, And Yikes

    "I probably just played ball a little bit too much with the producers."

    If you're a fan of The Bachelor, you're likely aware that not every moment of the reality show is, ahem, as real as portrayed.

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    Well, speaking to Us Weekly, former Bachelor Peter Weber dropped a bunch of behind-the-scenes tidbits about how involved the producers are when it comes to all the kissing — and, alas, I am not super surprised.

    Peter in a promotional photo holding a single red rose
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    Although I did hope that everyone was just super horny all the time.

    When asked about his title as the Bachelor with the most kisses on night one, Pete replied, "I don’t know if I actually am the Bachelor that did that!"

    Peter standing with the contestants
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    For one, his record might just be a question of what's edited in. "Everyone kisses a lot of people, but I probably just played ball a little bit too much with the producers," he continued.

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    "You don’t see this on camera — so many times, I was being given this [signal] the entire time," he said, miming kissing with his hands. "They wanted that, and hey, if I was feeling it with the girl, I was gonna go in for it.”

    Peter holding. his hands up with fingers pressed together
    Us Weekly

    He added, “Producers, if they think it’s a good time to kiss, they tap their fingers — or they have their phone that says, ‘Kiss.’”

    Peter smiling with one hand raised and open
    Us Weekly

    Peter explained, “The first night, though, it’s usually [the girls’] names behind their head, just to kind of remind me, and then it’ll segue from that to, 'All right, you should do this, we think it’s a good time.'"

    Peter with a bunch of contestants
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    Speaking as someone who has trouble with names, this solves that dilemma — if I inexplicably take a career pivot into The Bachelor franchise.

    Welp, I have no idea if Pete was ~allowed~ to divulge this behind-the-scenes goss, but I'm into it!

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