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    I Looked Up 16 "Spencer" Details To See If They're Actually True Or Not, And The Results Were Veeeery Interesting

    Yup, the Royals actually weigh themselves before and after Christmas.

    The new Princess Diana movie is out! Yup, Spencer, starring Kristen Stewart, has finally hit the big screen after a ton of anticipation.

    While the movie doesn't claim to be a real-life retelling of any specific three days in Diana's marriage to Charles, this "fable" still had me wondering how much of the movie was actually drawn from IRL events.

    So, here are some of the real and not-so-real parts of Spencer.

    There are some spoilers for Spencer ahead. #8 mentions suicide, and #9 mentions an eating disorder. 

    1. The Royals do actually open their presents on Christmas Eve — as an homage to their German heritage.

    2. The Royals are actually weighed using antique scales, but it's reportedly before and after the Christmas meal. The tradition apparently goes back to King Edward VII.

    3. The Boxing Day hunt is a real thing, and Diana reportedly did in fact dislike her sons hunting.

    4. But there's no real evidence that she actually stopped them from doing so — she just didn't want the kids photographed.

    5. Members of the Royal family are in fact given set times to arrive for Christmas based on their rank. The Queen actually takes the train to Sandringham.

    6. However, it's not clear that Diana was late any Christmas.

    7. There's no evidence that Charles gave Diana and Camilla the same pearls. Diana did love pearls, and Charles did give Camilla jewelry — like the infamous "Gladys" and "Fred" bracelets.

    8. Diana did once actually throw herself down the stairs in a suicide attempt — in 1982, when she was pregnant with Will.

    9. Diana did also have an eating disorder, which Diana said the Royal family — especially Charles — knew about.

    10. Diana would reportedly go and chat to the head chef and the staff at Sandringham.

    11. But Diana's fave dessert was apparently actually bread-and-butter pudding.

    12. Diana did in fact grow up at Park House on the Sandringham estate.

    13. The idea of Diana wearing black, as she sometimes did, was actually a breaking of protocol — Royals usually only wear black in times of mourning.

    14. The characters of Major Alistar Gregory and Maggie have been fabricated for the movie.

    15. Diana would in fact take Harry and Will to get fast food — usually opting for a McDonald's Happy Meal.

    16. However, again the whole "taking the kids for fast food over Christmas" part doesn't seem to have happened.

    Have you seen Spencer yet? What did you think? LMK in the comments!