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    There's Going To Be A Different Lola Bunny Look In "Space Jam 2," And The Internet Had Many Opinions

    Lotta talk about a rabbit with boobs.

    If you've seen Space Jam, you'll likely remember that the character design of Lola Bunny was a little, for lack of a better term, horny.


    Having watched this movie for the first time at the spritely age of 23, I was very confused — but I digress.

    Well, because we are in the age of '90s remakes and sequels, there's going to be Space Jam: A New Legacy — featuring a new Lola Bunny look.

    The original Lola Bunny wearing a midriff-baring basketball jersey, eyeshadow, and her ears pulled into a ponytail while standing next to Bugs Bunny on the basketball court
    Warner Bros./ Courtesy Everett Collection.

    Director Malcolm D. Lee told Entertainment Weekly he was surprised by the original "very sexualized" Lola Bunny. "This is 2021," he continued. "It's important to reflect the authenticity of strong, capable female characters."

    Lola Bunny returns like you haven't seen her before in @SpaceJamMovie!

    Some people weren't into the redesign:

    I don’t care that Lola Bunny is dressed less sexy in Space Jam 2 but I am unbelievably exhausted by the idea that the way you communicate that a female character is to be taken seriously is by removing her boobs

    Twitter: @LuxAlptraum

    I hate to split hares here (get it?), but listen. Desexualizing Lola Bunny by giving her more standard athletic gear? That's a choice. But you can't tell me that the Lola on the right appears stronger or more capable than the Lola on the left. Sexy does not equal less capable.

    Twitter: @PeachSaliva

    It's worth noting that the image on the left here is reportedly fan art.

    Not complaining about the Lola bunny situation bc I want to fuck a cartoon rabbit, I just don’t understand why every curvy character has to be redesigned in loose clothing. She wasn’t even lewd or inappropriate at all to begin with. Let thicc characters wear tight clothes pls.

    Twitter: @HITWOM4N

    They're de-bimbofying Lola Bunny in the new movie...

    Twitter: @tajmerk

    There were also some rather gross tweets that I'm not going to include!!!

    While others found the situation hilarious:

    first they take Lola Bunny’s breasts, what’s next? Elmo’s pendulous red cock and balls?

    Twitter: @sarahschauer

    Space jam 2 scene: LeBron James: hello Lola you do not make anyone horny. I respect you for basketball Lola bunny: thank you

    Twitter: @rajat_suresh

    they’re not making lola bunny sexy because they’re making lebron sexy. they’re giving him honkers. big ol bagoobas

    Twitter: @JackWilliamRtF

    Will Space Jam 2 take the Sonic Movie approach and bow to fan pressure, delaying production a year & forcing animators to crunch to make Lola Bunny's design much much hornier

    Twitter: @JennyENicholson

    And some just decided to sit this one out:

    seeing people talking about the 'lola bunny situation.' im skipping this one, whatever it is. discourse holiday

    Twitter: @shaun_vids

    In short:

    Twitter: @Molo_Lolo