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    If You're Having A Bad Day, May I Suggest This Photo Of Samuel L. Jackson Wearing An "Avengers" Face Mask Before Getting Vaccinated

    "Getting that first jab!"

    Good news: Samuel L. Jackson just got the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine!

    Albert L. Ortega / Getty Images

    Samuel shared a series of photos from outside the Forum in LA, where people 65 and older are eligible for the vaccine.

    And for any Nick Fury fans out there, Samuel gave a lil' shoutout...

    Columbia Pictures / Marvel Studios / Courtesy Everett Collection

    ...yup, with an Avengers mask:

    Samuel L. Jackson / Instagram / Via

    That Thor looks so very angry, yet so very cute.

    Samuel joins the list of other celebs who have recently gotten the vaccine, including Steve Martin and Martha Stewart.

    What a Marvel-ous day!