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    "It Was Really Fun To Do An Action Movie, But It Can Be A Bit Dangerous At Times": Rebel Wilson Gave An Update After An On-Set Accident Required Her To Have Stitches

    "I got hit in the face with the butt of a gun. It was a complete accident and such a shock."

    Warning: Some images of blood.

    Rebel Wilson shared an update after she was injured on the set of her upcoming movie Bride Hard.

    Close-up of Rebel smiling at a media event in a long-sleeved dress

    Because the movie is independently produced, it has an agreement with SAG-AFTRA to keep shooting in Savannah, Georgia, amid the ongoing strikes. The action-comedy movie is reportedly about a “badass secret agent Sam (Wilson) who has been tasked with one of her hardest missions yet — being a maid of honor for her childhood best friend.”

    Close-up of Rebel in a deep-V-neck dress

    Last Thursday, Rebel took to Instagram to share that she had been hospitalized and had three stitches after a "stunt accident at 4 a.m."

    Screenshot of her IG story saying "Not the way I wanted to end this movie"

    In a new video posted to her Instagram story Aug. 9, Rebel went into further detail about what happened. "Thank you for all your well-wishes. I've actually been healing, quite amazing. The stitches have dissolved out from my on-set accident last week," she began.

    Screenshot of Rebel Wilson IG story

    "In the middle of the night shoot, my last scene of the movie — so I had done all these kick-arse fight sequences — I got hit in the face with the butt of a gun. It was a complete accident and such a shock," she continued.

    Screenshot of her IG story showing a wound on her nose

    "Luckily, I'm healing very well, so I wanted to say thank you for everybody's well-wishes. I hopefully will be totally fine. It was really fun to do an action movie, but it can be a bit dangerous at times," she added.

    Close-up of Rebel smiling and walking in a long-sleeved dress

    Wishing Rebel a swift recovery!