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    17 People Who Did The Bare Minimum On Their Jobs And Regretted Nothing

    Eh, close enough.

    1. First, this delivery person who did not feel like knocking:

    Delivered Boss! from NotMyJob

    2. This editor who didn't know Chinese:

    Added subtitles, boss from NotMyJob

    3. This target employee who just wasn't vibing with sleeves:

    Spotted in Target. Next level fashion. from NotMyJob

    4. This person who wasn't quite sure what pugs looked like:

    Put the advert up boss from NotMyJob

    5. This very literal engraver:

    Made the engraving,boss. from NotMyJob

    6. This designer who had quite the way with words:

    My daughters laundry hamper with an inspiring quote. from NotMyJob

    7. And this headline writer who took an abstract approach:

    title goes here fsdjik ndfij jkfns from NotMyJob

    8. This cake designer who had a minimalist take on frogs:

    “Frog birthday cake” from NotMyJob

    9. This school worker who likely said, "It'll do":

    Fixed the broken clock boss from NotMyJob

    10. This guy who got the general gist of a straight line:

    Close enough from NotMyJob

    11. This person whose spelling honestly makes me want it more:

    The Brids from NotMyJob

    12. This star employee who took a different approach to art:

    Hung the photo, boss. from NotMyJob

    13. This person who, hey, at least got a functioning door in:

    Yes boss, I installed The new bathroom doors. from NotMyJob

    14. This employee of the month who didn't give a damn about your bathroom privacy:

    Install the toilet, boss. from NotMyJob

    15. This DMV worker who, in all fairness, may have just been taking a photo of a woman who looked a lot like a chair:

    took the driver’s license photo boss from NotMyJob

    16. This chap who probably went, "The job description said nothing about leaves":

    Painting the parking lot from NotMyJob

    17. Finally, this bookstore employee who must have some pretty sweet connections:

    Workin for the Big Man from NotMyJob

    H/T r/NotMyJob

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