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    Here's What's Happening With All The Breakup Speculation Surrounding Megan Fox And Machine Gun Kelly

    "You can taste the dishonesty / It's all over your breath."

    Megan Fox ignited a whole bunch of breakup rumors surrounding her and Machine Gun Kelly, and Twitter has a lot to say.

    Closeup of Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly

    Megan and MGK first went public with their relationship in the summer of 2020, announcing their engagement last January. They were pictured together as recently as yesterday attending Drake's Super Bowl party.

    Closeup of Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly

    Megan made headlines earlier today for posting a series of selfies along with the lyrics "You can taste the dishonesty / It's all over your breath" — taken from the song "Pray You Catch Me" on Beyoncé's Lemonade.

    Screenshot of Megan Fox's comment on Instagram

    Alongside the mirror selfies was a video of Megan burning a letter:

    A letter burning

    One commenter then suggested that MGK "got with Sophie," likely referring to his guitarist Sophie Lloyd — to which Megan replied, "Maybe I got with Sophie."

    Screenshot of Megan Fox's comment on Instagram

    Alongside this, Megan deleted all her photos with MGK from her grid and unfollowed him. In fact, she only followed three people — including Eminem, who MGK has famously feuded with for years. She then deleted her entire Instagram.

    Screenshot from Instagram

    Following all this, Megan's name began trending on Twitter alongside noted romancer of famous women (and MGK's friend) Pete Davidson:

    Screenshot from Twitter

    Some were thrilled for Megan:

    Twitter: @PopCulture2000s

    megan fox dumping mgk and deleting all the photos of him… the earth is healing

    Drew Barrymore / Via Twitter: @AvatriceSolos

    Others were embracing the messiness of it all:

    Megan fox deleting all of her photos with mgk and then following Eminem when she only follows 3 people is so petty I love that for her

    Twitter: @That1teddygirl

    MGK & Megan Fox drinking each other's blood just for her to follow Eminem after they break up got me screaming 😭😭😭

    Twitter: @thoughtfulbae

    megan fox deleting all her pictures with MGK on instagram and then following eminem, harry styles, and timothée chalamet

    Disney / Via Twitter: @kathleen_hanley

    I can’t stop laughing thinking about the fact that MGK and Megan Fox were probably at home at one point arguing about Harry Styles and Timothee Chalamet because we all know he hates Eminem. That’s the only possible the reason the other two are on the list

    Megan Fox / Via Twitter: @BarstoolRia

    And interpreted Megan's posts as a sign that MGK cheated on her:

    mgk cheating on MEGAN FOX is absolutely insane levels of audacity

    Twitter: @wowthatshiphop
    Fox / Via Twitter: @olsenspears

    And some...brought up Pete Davidson:

    Pete Davidson sliding into Megan Fox DMs after her and MGK broke up

    Twitter: @kiracantmizz

    We'll keep you posted if either MGK or Megan confirm things.