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Here's Why Pete Davidson's New Relationship Isn't As Random As You Might Think

Pete sure loves a theme park date.

Gather round everyone: It looks like Pete Davidson has a new girlfriend, Chase Sui Wonders.

If you're not super familiar with Chase, she actually played Pete's girlfriend in the movie Bodies Bodies Bodies. Principal photography for the horror comedy started back in May 2021, so the pair have known each other for almost two years.

closeup of chase and pete in bath robes sitting together in the film

Indeed, the movie's trailer — which was released while Pete was with Kim Kardashian — shows them kissing, but that's just part of the job.

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Now, rumors have been floating around about these two taking things to a romantic level since right before Christmas — and immediately after Pete was linked with Emily Ratajkowski.

pete and emily courtside drinking beers and smiling

Indeed, Chase, 26, and Pete, 29, were spotted at Whole Foods and a Rangers game (along with Rachel Sennott, another Bodies Bodies Bodies actor). However, a rep for Pete told TMZ that the two were simply "great friends and they have been since they met filming Bodies, Bodies, Bodies."

pete holding chase on his back underwater in the film

That being said, this week the pair seem to have confirmed that things are definitely romantic, with an outing to Universal Studios.

the couple walking at universal studios

There are plenty of photos of the pair kissing, holding hands, and going on The Mummy ride (that last one isn't romantic, I just wanted to note how much Pete appears to like a theme park date).

the pair cozying up on the escalator

Good for them!