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    Mark Cuevas From "Love Is Blind" Threw A Gender-Reveal Party For His Baby, But It Didn't Quite Go As Planned

    Well, that went off with a bang.

    Hey, remember Mark Cuevas from Love Is Blind? Well, he recently announced that he's expecting a baby with girlfriend Aubrey Rainey.


    I, too, was surprised.

    In classic influencer fashion, the two posted a gender-reveal video for their upcoming bb yesterday.

    The pair gathered a few of their friends and family to a rooftop to pull the ol' colored-smoke trick...

    ...except for one small problem: It was fireworks, not smoke.

    Mark Cuevas / Via


    Mark Cuevas / Via

    Must we combine pyrotechnics with baby showers?!

    Mark Cuevas / Via

    Haven't we learned our lesson?

    Anyway, they're having a boy.

    Mark Cuevas / Via

    Thanks, streamers!