Machine Gun Kelly Told Us What His Friendship With Pete Davidson Is Like Nowadays, And It Involves Them Both Hanging Out With Megan Fox And Kim Kardashian

    "We're both wifed up."

    You're likely aware that A) Machine Gun Kelly and Pete Davidson are friends, and B) both MGK and Pete are dating some very famous ladies (Megan Fox and Kim Kardashian, respectively).

    Pete with his arm around MGK at a red carpet

    So, BuzzFeed caught up with MGK himself last month to ask him all about how his relationship with Pete has changed as of late.

    MGK wearing a bright cropped sweater at the premiere of his documentary

    "We're both wifed up. Our girls are friends, so we get together — they talk and then we talk outside, smoke, and catch up," he began.

    "We're both in a creative space right now, he's working on a TV show, I'm working on an album and a movie, and so we're always, like, bouncing that stuff off of each other."

    Pete and MGK pulling matching elbows-out poses on the red carpet

    "We're just in the mode of wanting to keep working together," he added. "So we haven't had much of a chance to relax and have nights out like the way that we had before [these] schedules."

    MGK pulling a "rock n roll" finger sign in a suit at the premiere of "Taurus"

    MGK also mentioned an incident where he was doing a cameo in one of Pete's movies, accidentally took too many mushrooms, and ended up in his boxers in a koi pond in the front of their hotel. "Pete went to distract the hotel manager by being like 'Hey, do you guys have any milk in your back room?'" he recalled.

    MGK and Pete with their tongues out at a party

    Operation milk was somewhat of a success, as MGK was then told to "get your ass out of the koi pond and quick, run to your room." Once he was clothed, the pair went to the director's room around 5 a.m. "I had to walk of shame back from the director's room, which was in a separate building, to my room," he continued.

    MGK posing on the red carpet, his hair long and his suit beaded

    "Me and Pete were staying next to each other and Pete was walking me back with his arm around my shoulder — the hotel guy that he asked for the milk from was just looking at us and shaking his head."

    Pete and MGK smizing on the red carpet

    Very glad to not be a koi fish!