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    32 Wild "Love Is Blind" Behind-The-Scenes Facts That Explain How The Show Really Works

    "I wish they aired a little bit more of that doubt, but they can't air everything."

    🚨 Warning: Major spoilers for Love Is Blind Season 2 ahead.🚨

    Hello, Love Is Blind fans! If you're obsessed with the hit Netflix reality show, then there's a chance you've wondered what really goes on behind-the-scenes during filming.

    So, we sat down with Natalie, Deepti, Sal, Jarrette, Iyanna, Danielle, and Nick (phew) to find out all the hot gossip from Season 2 of Love Is Blind:

    1. Season 2 of Love Is Blind was filmed almost a year ago, and the pods are actually in California.

    2. Filming days in the pods are around 12 hours long for 10 days, and can involve 3-hour dates.

    3. And conversations in the pods apparently aren't scripted.

    4. Contestants really can't see each other behind the pod walls.

    5. The application process for the show involves lengthy questionnaires and interviews, where prospective cast members are asked questions — like what are some non-negotiable traits for you in a partner? What kind of relationship are you looking to build? What kind of person do you really want? What are some red flags for you? What are some of your pet peeves?

    6. The cast can get very close with their producers, with Deepti referring to hers as her "active therapist."

    7. Sal didn't watch Season 1 until he was cast, but said that the main thing he learned was not to drink too much. It seems like contestants aren't given limits on how much they can drink.

    8. Although it wasn't shown on screen, Deepti was actually torn between two people in the pods.

    9. There was also a scene where Jarrette asked for Iyanna's dad's blessing for their marriage, which was cut from the show.

    10. And Danielle said that she used the time off-camera to share some important things with Nick that they didn't want to share publicly.

    11. Natalie said that she wasn't aware of Shayne and Shaina's connection in the pods.

    12. Iyanna found watching Jarrette’s conversation with Mallory to be “so awkward.”

    13. Natalie reached out to Shaina after her beach confrontation with Shayne, but said that she got a different account of what happened than what we saw on screen.

    14. Now, Natalie says that she and Shaina are "cordial."

    15. And Jarrette, Iyanna, and Mallory have all seen each other since the show wrapped — and are also "cordial."

    16. Sal said that he gave Mallory a heads up about a former love interest before what we see on the show.

    17. Deepti said that watching the conversations Shake had about their physical intimacy was especially difficult given her family's relationship with Shake.

    18. Natalie said that her final fight with Shayne was a bigger sign of their communication differences.

    19. The moment where Deepti knew that she didn't want to marry Shake came after their massage date.

    20. Mallory and Sal did go on a date after filming had wrapped.

    21. Deepti and Shake tried being friends, but Deepti said that the experience left her feeling "emotionally drained."

    22. Meanwhile, Shayne and Natalie are still friends.

    23. Jarrette will get DMs from fans asking if him and Iyanna are still together — and Iyanna got one from someone asking to be her security guard.

    24. Natalie and Deepti currently aren't seeing anyone.

    25. However, Sal is currently dating someone.

    26. Couples apparently aren't really supposed to go out together while the show is airing to make sure the ending isn't spoiled.

    27. And friends and family accidentally posting about the couples is a concern — especially Danielle's mom.

    28. Jarrette and Iyanna are still married — and Iyanna moved into Jarrette's place two days after filming finished.

    29. The first date Jarrette and Iyanna went on after the show was a friend's birthday brunch.

    30. And the biggest challenge for Jarrette and Iyanna has been finding a balance between Jarrette's extroverted personality and Iyanna's introverted personality.

    31. Nick and Danielle are also still married, and said that finding a structure to married life as a couple outside the show was a challenge.

    32. And they credit couples counseling as one of the things that helped them move through their communication problems.

    That's all we have for today, folks! Thanks again to the Love Is Blind cast for chatting with us.

    Note: Quotes have been edited for length and/or clarity.