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Lil Nas X Just Confirmed He Was In A Relationship With His "That's What I Want" Costar

“I am still very much in love."

Lil Nas X confirmed that he was previously in a relationship with dancer Yai Ariza.

Lil Nas X smiling on a red carpet

If you're a Lil Nas X fan, Yai may look familiar — he plays Lil Nas X's love interest in the “That’s What I Want” video, appears in the "Industry Baby" video, and kissed Lil Nas X on stage at the BET Awards.

However, Lil Nas X hadn't publicly confirmed who he was in a relationship with — he previously said he was dating "the one" this summer, but earlier this week announced, “I was seeing someone. I kind of decided I didn’t want to anymore.”

The former couple kissing in the "That's What I Want" video

So, when he was recently asked about the rumors surrounding himself and Yai, Lil Nas X replied, “We were dating, and we are still in very good terms.”

“You know, we may date again I’m sure,” he continued. “I love him, he is amazing.”

However, Lil Nas X implied that the two ended because of his music career, saying, “I wanted to kind of focus on my music right now.”

He then called Yai “the best person I have ever dated" and continued, “I am still very much in love, but I’m, like, trying to manage it."

A scene from the That's What I Want video with Lil Nas X playing the guitar as he and Yai sit at a campfire

"If it’s meant [to be], it will happen in the future, life is long.”

Wise words, Lil Nas X.