Khloé Kardashian Responded After A Commenter Said That Tristan Thompson's "Severely Disabled" Brother Cannot "Consent" To Being On Social Media Or "The Kardashians"

    "[H]is mom was always so proud of her son and wanted him front and center. Mind yours and I'll mind mine thank you."

    Khloé Kardashian responded to negative comments after she posted photos from the birthday party for Tristan Thompson's brother Amari.

    Close-up of Khloé at a media event in a flow-y metallic gown

    In the season finale of The Kardashians, Khloé explained how she let Tristan and his brother move in with her after the unexpected death of their mother, Andrea, while Tristan's home was being repaired. Khloé said that she and Andrea were close, even speaking every day.

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    Andrea had been Amari's guardian, a role that went to Tristan upon her death. As Khloé explained, "Amari is 16 and he is severely disabled. It's just really sad because we don't know what he knows or doesn't know cognitively."

    Close-up of Khloé and Tristan sitting together on a couch

    Yesterday, Khloé posted a series of photos on her Instagram, along with the caption, "Someone is 17 today!!!! Happy birthday sweet sweet Amari!!! We are all so blessed to have been touched by an angel such as you 🩵 you are truly one of Gods greatest treasures."

    She also posted some balloons from the celebrations:

    Screenshot of balloons spelling out "Happy birthday Amari" outside by a pool

    However, when someone suggested that the images and the discussion of Amari on the show were a violation of his "consent," Khloé replied, "[H]is mom was always so proud of her son and wanted him front and center. Mind yours and I'll mind mine thank you."

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    When someone said they were "questioning" Khloé's "rationale in posting this," Khloé responded, "i'm seriously questioning your rationale in commenting. What's the problem."

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    A mini debate was set off in the comments when one user said they wished Khloé realized that "Tristan really doesn't deserve her":

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    One person then replied, "What makes you think she does not realize this? [...] It's called being mature about your situation and not letting it make you bitter!"

    Screenshot of comment, which also says "They have kids together and she is just a kind, caring, compassionate person"

    Khloé then voiced her agreement with the previous comment:

    Khloé's three heart-hands emojis

    Of course, not all the comments were negative. "I'm honored to help anyway I can for sweet Amari," Khloé said after Not Skinny but Not Fat host Amanda Hirsch said that he was "lucky" to have her.

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    Happy 17th birthday, Amari!